Upcoming Walgreens Exclusives!

We now know some of the upcoming Marvel Walgreen’s exclusives! First up is the Iron Spider, a mechanical suit made for Spiderman by Tony Stark in the Civil War comics! You’ll also be able to get your hands on a Taskmaster Pop!, both of which can be seen below. For those of you with a keen eye, you’ll also be able to see that there is a Green Goblin Pop! on the back of the box!

Screenshot_20151113-091755_2 Screenshot_20151113-091751_2

14 thoughts on “Upcoming Walgreens Exclusives!

  1. Why Walgreen’s? I want all 3 new ones but I’m sure they will be next to impossible to find! Hopefully popcultcha gets them as well!

  2. Walgreens seems to be scalper central. I’ve never once seen an exclusive Pop at any near me. The day they come out they’re gone. Any retailer that sales an exclusive anything needs to have a one per customer policy.

  3. They are getting better 3 of 4 in my town in va have at least the SW7 ex and have started getting the SW with the actual Walgreens sticker back in hope they get the marvel ones soon

  4. If your Local Walgreens isn’t carrying the Pops! you just need to talk to the STORE MANAGER. For some reason Walgreens leaves it up to the Store Manager’s what they want to carry. I got frustrated locally when none of the stores near me had them 3 months after release. I spoke to the manager and said she would order some but she hadn’t yet because she didn’t even know about them. Now they always have at least 3 or 4 exclusives on the shelves at any given time.

  5. Walgreens near me always seem to be a month or so behind, but I have been able to find each one in store.

  6. I really wish these weren’t exclusive to Walgreens. Like many of you, the stores around me never have them. The people who are lucky to get their hands on them turn around and sell them at a ridiculous price. It’s unfortunate.

  7. Honestly Exclusives should be limited to variants for the most part. There should always be a common version + possible future exclusives. Does that make sense?

  8. Keep on your store manager. They really seem to be focused on Spiderman and Star Wars pops.

    I think exclusives if I am wrong are partly paid for the store so that might be why they are Walgreen only. I have been luck and gotten all but lightning bolt Punisher.

    I have noticed a lot of the Stormtrooper pops in the stores around here 3-5 in each store.

  9. i just saw that they also releasing a glow in the dark black suit spiderman, i really hope i can find the, so far the only ones i have found is the punisher, yoda(spirit) and bobba fett

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