Two New Gir Pops Are On The Way

For all of us Invader Zim fans out there we have two new Gir Pops to look forward to. One features Gir in his Doggie disguise holding a Cupcake & in the other his disguise is partially unzipped to reveal his real Robot face. Now lets cross our fingers and hope that some other Zim characters will be found in Pop form soon! Who would you like to see next?

gir-cupcake-pop-vinyl robot-gir-pop-vinyl

6 thoughts on “Two New Gir Pops Are On The Way

  1. I wanna see Zim as an alien and in his human disguise. Dib and Gaz need to be included in the line also. I hope Funko can do it eventually!

    1. It’s weird that most of the Zim merch seems to focus on Gir. He’s nice and all but not what I want to buy.

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