New Pop TARDIS Materializes in the U.K.

Thanks to Funko Pop Community U.K., we now know that another variant of the TARDIS from Doctor Who is Materialising. No, literally…it’s called the Materialising TARDIS. Kind of a missed opportunity by Funko, as this would have been fantastic to see cast in clear plastic with the fade in on the top half, but Funko elected to simply paint the bottom a solid white. Hit up FPCUK for the full scoop.

Materialising Tardis Pop Vinyl

6 thoughts on “New Pop TARDIS Materializes in the U.K.

  1. I think you’re correct. The fourth picture definitely looks like it is clear, as the hinges are visible. I think I can see the hinges on the second pic as well.

  2. It’s definitely clear, I got one on Friday!
    On that note, when will it be added to the site? I want to add it to my collection!

  3. How can I get one of these? There’s on Ebay at a horrid price, and I’m in the states….don’t see it up on any websites for sale. Any help?

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