15 thoughts on “New Pop Game of Thrones Metallic Dragon 3-Pack

  1. I spoke with an employee at GameStop last week and he told me this is their exclusive with a release date of 11/15, if I remember correctly.

  2. I went to two different gamestops to try and pre-order two of them, only to be told that I couldn’t pre-order it. It doesn’t show up on their mobile website, either.
    My only option? Start calling on the 15th and see if they came that day. Lol

  3. I got mine from PopCultcha before it went back to ‘Pre Order’. They must not have had many in their first batch. Can’t wait to get it this week!

  4. So is that Metallic Drogon the same as the one in the box set with Metallic Dany? I hate when they repeat figures in box sets.

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