Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon & Game of Death Pops!

Two Bruce Lee Pops from the iconic Martial Arts movie’s Enter the Dragon and Game of Death are both available for Pre-Order as Bait Exclusives. I’ll leave links in the comments because they have been difficult to find otherwise. As soon as I locate better photos I will add them here. They are showing a release date of Nov. 30th at this time.

Edit: Better pics!



11 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon & Game of Death Pops!

  1. Both links take you to the same Pop!.

    I was going to order the new Daredevil Pops! from Popcultcha but these Bruce Lee’s are a must add in my opinion.

  2. Those links are both for the “Game of death” Bruce Lee Pop.
    Where could I find the “Enter the Dragon’ Bruce Lee pop?

  3. About F’n time 🙂 will wait till they show up on a better site or eBay but a definite must have for the great Bruce Lee

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