Bleach Pop! Animation

Some Anime fans will be happy to know the new Pop! Animation Bleach line has made appearances as Hot Topic Pre Release Exclusives. Their concept art pics were part of the Hot Topic Coming Soon list that was reported recently but I know fans of Anime/Manga might appreciate the update. The Manga series Bleach follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki after he gains the power to be a Soul Reaper-Similar to a Grim Reaper from another Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki . Together they defend humans against evil spirits and guide souls into the afterlife.



17 thoughts on “Bleach Pop! Animation

  1. “ANIME” fans are not pleased. It’s kind of like you say music lovers will be happy to know that a Justin Beiber pop is coming out.

    1. Ha! I have no interest in Japanese Animation at all personally with the exception of Hayao Miyazaki’s films. These characters were made into Pop Vinyls because someone likes them so I am guessing there is interest and a market for them somewhere.

  2. Also, there are going to be some Bleach fans who aren’t pleased either. DBZ started with 6 characters, Black Butler and AoT have 4. Why is this show only getting 2?

    1. There are lot’s of lines that have an incomplete feel to them. The Simpsons has no Maggie or Lisa. Supernatural has no Bobby Singer ect. There doesn’t seem to be an absolute model for franchises that guarantees fan favorites will get a Pop Vinyl. The other person that commented seems to loathe Bleach so maybe Funko decided to start small and see how well the line sells before they decide to add more characters. Just in case you like Tokyo Ghoul they have 2 Pops soon to hit shelves as well.

  3. How could you compare Bleach to Justin Bieber?? Bleach is an awesome and successful anime! But I am not very pleased with the fact that there’s only two pops.

  4. Make exclusive versions of each and they will sell, this exlusive pre-release = no one cares.

    1. If they do naruto, which ones would u like to see first, for me all team 7 and zabusa y haku

    1. As much as I’d love a Zelgadis Pop! I think Slayers and probably Martian Successor Nadesico are pipe dreams. We’ll probably get a fair amount of Naruto and way more DBZ. I think a Vash the Stampede may happen but he’ll be the only Trigun character. Hellsing and Evangelion would be the two series I would LOVE to have Pops! from. I still don’t get why they did Black Butler.

      1. I think Wolfwood would get a pop, maybe Legato and Knives, the Nebraska family would be fun. Kenshin and Mokoto from RK. Maybe Sanosuke, Aoshi, and Saito.

  5. Been waiting for Bleach POPs for a while…and even though there is only 2 for now, when they pop out an exclusive variant of Ichigo with the hollow mask…I’ll definitely be picking one up!! I don’t need a hundred ancillary characters from all my favorite animes…DBZ, AOT, Black Butler, etc…just the primary representations are plenty good for me and my wallet 🙂

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