21 thoughts on “Pop Marvel Punisher Thunderbolts Variant at Walgreens?

  1. He was announced at the end of September to be released in October so he is the real deal. There are also supposed to be repaint’s of Venom,Spider-Man 2099 & Black Suit Spider-man in the near future but the “Thunderbolts” Punisher was released first instead of all 4 at once which is strange? I have yet to see pics of the rest of the new Walgreen’s Exclusives but it probably won’t be long now.

    1. Re-issue’s of the Marvel Walgreen’s Exclusives. I mentioned “repaints” in my original comment but they might have other variations besides the paint just to clarify.

      1. Sometimes I wish I could just edit my own comments and add to them instead of creating a new one or replying to my own…lol. The Punisher(Thunderbolts)is showing up in a 1/8 kind of ratio so far so he is being released in more of a Chase way. They aren’t getting entire boxes of them but out of a box of 8 for instance 1 would be included. I thought they shipped in case’s of 6 so I am really confused by these numbers but there definitely seems to be a ratio of some sort at play.

  2. Check the “Punisher (Thunderbolts)” bit on the front of the box. Notice how the bottom of the letters overlap the “vinyl bobble-head” text. This picture is clearly fake.

      1. Are you sure? I checked the ebay link and from all the angles it seems you are right, but damn, the text does really look fake, almost like it’s hovering over the other text.

  3. If this is just a repaint wouldn’t the number on the box still be 80 like the original. All other repaints that use the same mold are this way. Potted Groot, ravagers Groot and blue pot Groot are all number 65. Avengers Ultron Hulks are all number 68. Even Spirit Yoda and regular Yoda are number 2 and Boba Fetts are 8. Just saying if the same mold is used the numbers stay the same.

    1. Also the article at top of comments says it is #108 and the eBay shows #106. Plus the article never says been confirmed by Funko or has picture of its box. So many people out there are doing customs its hard to tell either way.

  4. Check out “steven anne” on twitter. He is the toy buyer for walgreens and confirmed this walgreens exclusive a few weeks ago.

    Trucks have started to go out in northern california and surrounding states as of yesterday. Punisher as well as the marvel restocks were found today in Lansing, Michigan and yesterday near Pittsburgh, PA.

    Check out http://www.reddit.com/funkopop for more info. We have had a few posts about the thunderbolts punisher over the last few days.

  5. Just got one, along with 3 venoms, 2 black suit spidermans, and 1 Spiderman 2099! 🙂 Lucky pickup!!

  6. Found one on my first trip to my local Walgreens yesterday (20 west of Detroit). Good luck fellow Poppers and happy hunting.

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