8 thoughts on “POP! Marvel line gets Carnage & Anti-Venom

  1. The Marvel Collector Corp box this month is villains themed, and Carnage appears to be on the front of the box. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least the Carnage figure is included in the box.

  2. i believe i saw that both will be Hot Topic exclusives in North America, but not 100% sure

  3. kinda upset they jus did a venom pop and made him red and added a few black lines. Anitvenom is way better looking.

  4. Funko confirmed on their Periscope feed. That both of these will be Hot Topic exclusives.

  5. Hopefully we can get an update on the release date for these soon. Hate to miss out on all the “nice ‘ol re-sellers” getting the jump on 20 from each store =)~

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