NFL Wave 2 Pops & Legion of Boom 3 Pack Coming Soon

The second Wave of NFL Pops is on the way with 12 mostly new figures and a few favorites in away Jersey’s. They are due out in February of next year and are available for preorder at Entertainment Earth.

And for all you Seahawks fans a Legion of Boom 3-Pack is going to be available in December exclusively at Seattle’s Centurylink Field and is limited to just 5000 pieces.

apopAaron apopBen apopColin apopJame apopJJ apopMarcus apopMarsh apopOdell apopPey apopRuss apopTom apopTony apop3pack

6 thoughts on “NFL Wave 2 Pops & Legion of Boom 3 Pack Coming Soon

  1. Willing to sell soul and first born, in exchange for Legion Of Boom 🙂

    ok well maybe not my soul….the child is negotiable

  2. Why didn’t they do some more players. There are more teams than that. Disappointing. Who dey!

  3. Funko absolutely blew it with these. 7 of the same players in different uniforms that really don’t make much of a difference from the first ones. And they can’t make some other great current NFL players who(se team) don’t have one???

    Falcons – Julio Jones/Devonta Freeman/Matt Ryan
    Chiefs – Jamaal Charles/Alex Smith
    Raiders – Derek Carr/Amari Cooper
    Bengals – Andy Dalton/AJ Green
    Rams – Nick Foles/Todd Gurley
    Eagles – Demarco Murray/Sam Bradford
    Bills – LeSean McCoy/Sammy Watkins
    Jets – Darrelle Revis/Brandon Marshall
    Cardinals – Patrick Peterson/Carson Palmer

    Even if some of these guys have had their teams done, they still deserve to be in Pop form, not 7 alt-uni players that have already been made.

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