And Knowing is half the Battle! G.I. Joe Pops

Growing up watching G.I. Joe before school was just part of my routine in the mid ’80’s. The franchises history goes back to 1964 when Hasbro produced the 12 inch realistic action figures until 1982 when the line was relaunched as the 3.75 in. scaled vehicles,figures and playsets a lot of us remember playing with and collecting as kids. Their Real American Hero line produced toys that let you play along with the ongoing struggle between the G.I. Joe Team and the evil Cobra Commander that sought to take over the Free World through acts of terrorism. G.I. Joe figures are iconic to American toys and helped coin the term “action figure” so its only fitting that Funko finally gets to add the G.I. Joe characters to their ever growing line of Pop Culture goodies we are all addicted to. The line is off to a great start and I’m sure we will see more additions in the future. At the moment the ones available are all BAIT Exclusives. There is a Hooded Cobra Commander(Blue),Cobra Commander without Hood(Blue),Snakes Eyes(Black),Storm Shadow(White) and Roadblock(Camo). Between the various animated series,mini series,movies and the Marvel Comic Book line there are a lot of characters to choose from to turn into Pops! Go Joe!!


8 thoughts on “And Knowing is half the Battle! G.I. Joe Pops

  1. I’m just noticing cobra kai’s logo is very suspicious. Very georgia o’keeffe-ish.

  2. not 100% sure but i know the BAIT ones are pre release. theres a chance the dork side ones are basic POPs minus the exclusive sticker. i would order through BAIT they are still in stock. not a pre order

  3. I dont really care much for the sticker. I preorder them about a month ago not knowing about the Bait ones. Plus they were cheaper too.

  4. So chances are, since they are a pre release, these will be available at other locations at a later date, minus the pre release exclusive sticker?

    1. Yes! I think they will. I am Editing the Exclusive in the title. When this was written the info I had was Exclusive but it won’t be long until they could “Pop up” wherever Pops are sold.

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