Science Fiction Mystery Minis Series 2 Coming in October

The second wave of Funko’s Science Fiction Mystery Minis has been revealed. As was the case with the first wave, this series will have a good mix of classic and modern Sci-Fi characters from a broad range of movies. This series will include Bender (Futurama); Gold Cylon, Silver Cylon and Starbuck (Battlestar Galactica); Voltron; The Iron Giant; Locutus of Borg (Captain Picard);
Godzilla; Dr. Lazarus (Galaxy Quest); Leeloo w/ Straps (The Fifth Element); Neo (The Matrix); Captain Kirk; Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future); Facehugger Kane and Alien Queen (Alien/Aliens). You can preorder single packs at Toy Wars for $5.99 each, or head over to Entertainment Earth and order a random set of four boxes or even a full case of 12. Rarity and breakdown have not yet been announced.

Sci Fi Funko Mystery Minis Series 2