PPG Giveaway – Comment and win a Glow in the Dark Invader Zim Gir Pop!

Pop Vinyl GITD Gir

It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest, but that changes now! We’re giving everyone – even non-members – a chance to win a newly released Hot Topic exclusive Glow in the Dark Gir Pop Vinyl. This was kind of an unexpected variant of a long-gone figure (at least in the U.S.), so it brought up the question: What is your most wanted variant (Glow in the Dark, Metallic, Flocked, etc) of a currently existing Pop Vinyl? Site members, you can enter by commenting below and telling us what you’d like to see. Everyone can also enter by following our Twitter page and/or visiting our Facebook page.

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And now the fine print, regular sized for your convenience.

– The contest ends at midnight on September 9th. Any entries made after that will not be counted.
– The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter’s internal selection system, and will be displayed here.
– The winner will be notified by PM and email.
– The winner has 72 hours to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed in 72 hours, the winner forfeits their prize and we will draw another name.
– You may do any or all of the options in the contest widget for entry. Each is assigned a point value, which represents the number of entries the action will give you.
– When using the “Comment on this post” option, make sure you have actually entered a comment. If not, your entry will be excluded and you may be banned from future contests.
– PPG will pay for U.S. shipping and up to $10 for international shipping. Any remaining international shipping will be the responsibility of the winner.
– Have fun!

284 thoughts on “PPG Giveaway – Comment and win a Glow in the Dark Invader Zim Gir Pop!

  1. Well personally i like the unmasked varients. Would love to get my hands on unmasked luke and hon stormtroopers!

  2. I’ve been on this site for a few months, me and a friend are HUGE Funko Pop collectors, are collection is growing, and poppriceguide it’s been a real help as a database for our collection, thank you guys keep up the excellent work! #FunkoPrevails

  3. A red crystal clear Jesse Pinkman like the Walter white but the red for Pinkman can represent his chilly powder recipe

  4. Attack on titan titans in glow would be cool to see the rage version was not all to impressive.

  5. I’m dying for a Steve version Castiel, a Gym Teacher variant Dean, or a LARPING Charlie pop for my Supernatural collection.

  6. I second Gym Teacher Dean for a full sized Pop figure! I would also love to see a GITD Sam from Trick R Treat.

  7. id love to see some of the older chases come back perhaps metallic riddler would be my favourite one to be remade.

  8. I love the GITD variants, I don’t have enough of them <3 I'd love to see a GITD TMNT Pop.

    Also I accidentally put my Facebook username when it asked for the username on the "comment on this post" entry I tried to change it but it won't let me. The username I put was Snaqvisyed. Hope I can still be part of this <3 thanks!

  9. Michelle Dawn – I want the full family of The Incredibles!
    I do have someone making a custom Ivy for me though.
    Only Dash and the baby left! πŸ˜€

  10. Black and white Deadpool! Haven’t been able to find him yet but I’m still hunting! πŸ™‚

  11. I think I misread the question! I thought it said what variant that already exists do I like! Sorry about that! I hope this doesn’t affect my chances of winning! Would love to see a glow in the dark Scrump from Lilo & Stitch! πŸ™‚

  12. My most wanted variant is metallic harley quinn, i know shes out but shes my grail right now! πŸ™‚

  13. My current need is the Spirit Yoda but I think it would be cool to see an clear version of Harry Potter with his invisibility cloak on.

  14. I want to get the flashpoint batman but thats never going to happen. I would also love to see a It’d be cool to see a Luke skywalker with his hand cut off

  15. I think it’d be cool if they did a variant of the genie except make it red, as in when jafar because the genie. Its be extra awesome because it’d be a variant of jafar and genie lok

  16. ? all GITD variants pops! I would like to see GITD Adam Bomb of the Garbage Pail Kids, GITD Herman Munster or Eddy Munster!

  17. I would like a Funko pop ride Jax teller with its bike maybe making him metallic so it can be exclusive or a badass Hellboy pop.

  18. I’d like to see metallic and glow in the dark Leonidas Funko POP! That would be awesome pop πŸ™‚ Yayyy…

  19. My goal in pop collecting is mainly the anime series and ive always had my eye on the planet ariel vegeta. One that I doubt ill ever obtain.

  20. I would love to see more music pops! I am a heavy metal fan and most bands that I listen to would make great subjects. My ultimate set would be Slipknot (with every album their masks change) so they could have so many different varrients and exclusives. Anyone else agree?

  21. A glow in the dark cheshire cat would be really neat I think. Or a clear one with only his grin and maybe eyes painted on.

  22. Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to see a gid venom or a metallic red skull. But, then again, i could go on and on about other variants i would like to see lol. I love the gray scale or b&w pops as well and any made in those formats would get my dividends =)~

  23. So many to choose from but i think as a personal favorite, i would go with the Metallic Ghost Rider. Just cause he looks sharp….Nuff Said’

  24. I would love a Holographic Darth Maul or the Mayor from the Nightmare Before Christmas but with their insane price tags I don’t see that happening anytime soon unless I win the lotto haha

  25. I would love to see a Patina Superman, with the graffiti on his chest like in the BvS trailer. Now that would be an amazing variant (and likely exclusive).

  26. Flocked Chewbacca from the new Star Wars Episode VII line. I love his new design and a flocked one would be AWESOME

  27. one that’s out? PA Vegeta or SDCC Regina. One that’s not out? invisibility cloak Harry Potter

  28. non existing would have to be Thanos w/ Infinity Gauntlet
    existing would be GITD Green Lantern

  29. Flocked Winnie the Pooh. or Metallic V. Pooh bc it’s my nickname given to me when i was younger and V bc its V and my birthday

  30. Ha…I thought it said what we’d like to see. My favorite variant is the Unmasked Jason Voorhees.

  31. I would love to see Trailer Park Boys and I love Invader Zim.. so Zim and the other characters would be awesome too, thanks so much!

  32. planet arlia vegeta or any of the older DC heros, martian manhunter, green arrow, hawkman, or shazam!

  33. Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper Shadow Trooper

  34. I would really like a modern edition Howard the Duck. As in the Zdarsky run appearance. I feel lie he would translate quite well into pop form.

  35. I personally would love to see a hood down Gir… Him in robot form would just be adorable. I don’t know if that could be classified as variant though. Also an unmasked black canary would be pretty cool seeing as arrow and deathstroke both have unmasked versions.

  36. As far as variants already existing I would like to get the classic metallic green arrow or obviously this GITD Gir ^_^

    1. The gold bender is still available on hot topic.com if that’s the same one. I was just on there looking for another Funko.

  37. I’m a Spiderman fan so I would have to say a glow in the dark Venom (or maybe Carnage) – how about both?

  38. Patina Ironman would be freaking sweet. Would also love to see a battle damages storm trooper of some kind. πŸ™‚

  39. I would like to see NFL variants, different jerseys etc…

    A variant Tom Brady would be great to add to my extensive shrine to the greatest ever.

  40. I loved the Magic the Gathering ones. I think something like a glow in the dark jace (his markings and eyes) would be pretty cool.

  41. Already Exist: id Love the GitD Gir. Not yet created: a Metallic Robot Gir (of course)! I think i like Gir, a lot.

  42. The Labyrinth pops would be awesome. Along with Rugrats, Dexter Laboratory, rerelease of all Invader Zim pops, and All Cartoon Network Characters!!!!!

  43. I’m not a real big fan of variants. I feel like it’s lazy on funkos part but I would like to see more different color Gitd

  44. I would love a Ted (the geek) holding panties iver his head like in the movie sixteen candles

  45. Any of these would look insane: gtd,invisible, or fading Professor X. His astral projection variant. Do it one time, for the lil boy heart in me.

  46. Personally i love the metallic variants but to pick just 1 i want to add to my collection i would want a metallic deathsroke

  47. I really want a a Day of the Dead Sally to match the Jack Skellington I have. I also really want the whole Arkham collection as well.

  48. Definitely want to see a 6″ Rancor. Maybe even a Rancor/Jedi Luke combo. That would be awesome.

  49. My most wanted have to be the Glow In The Dark Jack and Sally from Day of the Dead. That or Captain America Metallica.

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