NOTICE: Change in Guide/Forum Connectivity

We are experiencing some pretty significant issues with our forums right now, and it affects multiple aspects of the site. As a quick background, there is a bridge between our main CMS and our forum, but sadly the bridge is no longer being developed/maintained, and disallows us to keep our forum software up to date. As the CMS advances, this becomes more and more problematic. I am looking into other forum options that blend seamlessly with the CMS, but because of the errors in the forums we are going to need to act immediately to regain full functionality.

In just a moment, I am going to disable the bridge between the CMS/Guide and the Forum. Both sections will be fully functional, but they will not be integrated when it comes to registration, logging in/out, avatars, etc. For non-forum users, this is a non-issue (except that there will be a new login page for the CMS). For everyone else, and until we get this issue worked out or move to a new forum platform, the logins won’t carry over to and from the CMS and forum.

I know this is kind of a pain in the ass, but rest assured that it is temporary. I’m going to spend every free minute over the next couple of days to try and integrate a new forum, or to find a new bridge for the existing one. Thanks everyone for your patience while we work this out.

EDITS If you are having trouble logging in and using the Collection Tracker and Marketplace, it’s possible that somewhere a disconnect was made between your main site profile and your forum password. You can reset your password using the Login widget in the upper right of the home page. I’ve also found that in some browsers you might need to clear your history/cookies in order for the login to work.

4 thoughts on “NOTICE: Change in Guide/Forum Connectivity

  1. People are having issues logging in to the main site and their collection tracker. Are there any tricks to try because people are saying its not recognizing their passwords?

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