New York Comic Con 1st Wave Exclusives

Funko has announced their first wave of NYCC Exclusives and they are pretty awesome! A few will be released in Limited Edition numbers so those will probably be super hard to get. They tried to cover a lot of popular line’s to add something for collectors into various Funko products from Vinyl Idolz,Dorbz,Pops,Reaction Figures and Hikaris.Fry&LeelaPopExclusiveNYCC CatbugOrangeNYCC BattlestarGalacticaCylonNYCC DoctorWho10SpacesuitNYCC RicochetRabbitNYCC BatmanDorbzBlueNYCC DarylVinylIdolzNYCC PlatinumGreedoNYCC I hope to see a few sold through some of the regular Convention sources but only time will tell. There will be more waves of Exclusives announced so we will add those as we get the updates. I would love a Ricochet Rabbit but with only 300 made that is highly unlikely. Which one’s are on your wish list now??

4 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 1st Wave Exclusives

  1. I have to have that 10th Doc & I want the Fry/Leela & Batman XL Dorbz really bad! Hope some sites get them, I don’t mind paying a little extra but not flipper prices 😀

    1. Yeah there is a huge difference between Retail and Flipper fee’s! We kept seeing SDCC Exclusives/Summer Convention additions for quite a while after Comic Con was over so with any luck some of these will make their way into Stock at Hot Topic,Barnes & Noble,Fugitive Toys or even Popcultcha. One of the hardest Exclusives to track down was Grinning Ultron until he started showing up in Walmarts so they could show up anywhere eventually. I really like the Fry & Leela 2 Pack myself and I kept hoping to see the rest of the crew of the Planet Express eventually! They could make so many awesome Pops with Futurama! Clobberella and Captain Yesterday Variant for Fry & Leela would have been really cool! One of these days I will customize a Wooden I would love to see a Pop Zoidberg,Prof. Farnsworth,Amy,Kif,Zap and of course Nibbler. Considering we don’t have a Maggie & Lisa Simpson I’m guessing all those will never happen.

    1. One of the Funko Social Media folks said some will be available just like SDCC but she didn’t have any more details than that. Sounds like a good sign though! 🙂

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