Funko New York Comic Con Exclusives – Wave Four

The fourth and (almost) final wave of Funko’s New York Comic Con exclusives have been announced. It looks like we’ll see a third series of Stan Lee Pops, this time with a superhero theme. The Pop Tie Fighter sees a Chrome Metallic variant, and Rico from Penguins of Madagascar gets “hammered”. The Terminator 2 T-1000 Reaction Figure gives Groot and Batman a run for their money with another variation, a metallic version of the Frozen Patrolman. The four Ninja Turtles Dorbz get the black & white treatment in a slick-looking Dorbz 4-pack, and My Little Pony’s Rainbow Dash sees a new Glitter Color Storm version. Finally, three new Pop Tees will be available: Star Wars’ Captain Phasma, Stan Lee on the Empire State Building, and “Freddyzilla”.

Captain Phasma Pop Tee

Freddyzilla Pop Tee

NYCC Stan Lee Pop

Rainbow Dash Hikari

Rico with Mallet Pop

Stan Lee Pop Tee

T1000 Frozen Patrolman

TIE Fighter Pilot Chrome Metallic Pop

TMNT Dorbz BandW

One thought on “Funko New York Comic Con Exclusives – Wave Four

  1. Awesome news we have definite confirmation some of the NYCC Exclusives will be available through Hot Topic,Barnes & Noble and possibly Popcultcha. My guess is it will work similar to how it worked during the San Diego Comic Con this year so be be on the lookout during NYCC Oct. 8-11th. Happy Hunting Funko Fans!

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