This is why we can’t have nice things…

Those of us that have around the hobby for a bit are sure to recognize the names “Fugitive Toys” and “F-Box”. For anyone unaware, Fugitive Toys does a monthly, spur of the moment, themed mystery box that, due to its popularity, is often extremely hard to acquire and sells out within minutes. Now, Funko collectors are often not shy about expressing their discontent when missing out on something they want, but with the most recent announcement from Fugitive, it’s official – “collectors” have gone too far.

Fugitive Announcement

Now, my rant. Colorful language follows.

Take a second to soak this in. Collectors made threats to employees of a company – a company trying to provide a fun surprise for collectors – and all for the reason that THEY DIDN’T GET THEIR TOYS!! Are you fucking serious? To the people that made these threats… is your life really so mundane, that this type of behavior is what justifies your existence? Are you so spoiled and/or obsessed with the acquisition piece of this hobby that you feel it gives you the right to threaten other human beings when you don’t get what you want? In what world is this acceptable?

This is a HOBBY, people. It’s supposed to be for fun. And if you have ANY experience at all in “real life,” you’ll understand that life isn’t always fair and you’re not always going to get what you want. Complaining about it in your favorite forum or Facebook group? Fine, let off some steam. But in no way, shape, or form is harassing or threatening another individual acceptable.

Thanks to the actions of a handful of spoiled, pathetic people, Fugitive is indefinitely suspending a collector event that many look forward to every month. This rant isn’t about how this affects other collectors, how a few bad apples have brought a blight on what should be am exciting event. This is about the unscrupulous disrespect shown to the employees of Fugitive Toys. These are human beings doing their jobs, people with families, hobbies and feelings, just like the rest of us. They are not your personal punching bag to unleash on when you don’t get your way.

On behalf of the Funko collecting community, I would like to apologize to everyone at Fugitive. I can assure you, we’re not all this way. If you were one of the individuals guilty of this unstable behavior, I urge you to take a minute out of your life and reevaluate why you’re in this hobby to begin with. It’s a hobby, people. Fun. Collecting. Toys. This type of shitty, self-serving behavior has no place here.