The Pop Price Guide is “Hiring!”

We’re looking to shake things up a bit at in the admin staff, adding a couple of new people and rearranging duties, and I’m looking for a few people to join the crew! I’m going to flat out say, I don’t have a definite plan for how responsibilities will work out or be distributed, but I am hoping to streamline how we do things a bit in order to free up time for me to spend on developing and expanding the site. What I will say is, there are a *lot* of things to do to keep the site running smoothly, and I need some more help. Duties might include a mixture of the following (not necessarily all, of course!):

– Running and growing our social media outlets, which is currently more or less nonexistent.
– Assigning listings on a daily basis to their respective items in the database. We usually have around 700-1000 listings to look at on a daily basis.
– Provide custom content, such as articles, collector showcases, custom showcases, editorials, etc.
– Forum moderation/participation.
– Answering the contact mailbox. Usually password resets, “why can’t I log in”, and reported errors.
– Graphic design (from header banners to icons to whatever you think might make the site look nice).

This is just a short list, as there might be other things that come in the future, or that get suggested and implemented.

So, what am I looking for in candidates? Website and/or admin/moderator experience are preferred. You don’t have to code or anything, but if you can quickly learn the interfaces used for front page posts and database additions/changes, it would be preferred. Funko product knowledge is a must. The more you know about more lines, the better! But, I won’t turn down anyone that has solid knowledge in a narrow area. Finally, the commitment to dedicate maybe an hour a day towards the site. Sometimes more, sometimes less (usually less)…the biggest thing is that I want to make sure daily events gets done in a timely manner (daily listings, news posts, cross-posting to social media, etc).

Now, I’m not going to say that we’re looking for someone to do this all for “free”, because I do everything I can to take care of my admin. But…PPG isn’t a money-maker, and a lot of cost goes into the maintenance, servers, hosting, contests, etc. You probably won’t be paid, per se, but we do often get items from sponsors on occasion, sometimes I’ll give my admin a little something, sometimes we’ll have internal contests…your work won’t go unnoticed. There’s also the chance that we can get media passes to conventions…I’m working on that part. And hey…you’ll be part of one of the best and fastest growing Funko collecting sites out there. 🙂

And the final question that I’m sure is burning in your mind (aside from “Jesus, is this guy done talking yet?”)….what do you need to do to put your name in the ring? To be considered, please send an email to, along with the following information.

– Any relevant experience and/or references (doesn’t have to be Funko-related, just whatever sites/groups you might have worked with in the past).
– A few references within the Funko communities.
– A few words about how you see yourself contributing to PPG (preferred tasks, ideas to bring content…whatever you think your strong points are and how you can best help us out).
– What Funko products you collect, and how you rate yourself in terms of product knowledge.

Again, please send this in an email – do not post here in the comments/forums. I’ll reply as soon as I can to confirm that I got your message, but probably won’t get back for a follow-up until I’ve received at least a handful of applicants. I don’t know exactly how many people I’d like to bring on board, so please remember that requesting to join the site does not mean you are guaranteed a spot. I know there are a lot of great people out there, but I only have room for so many. 🙂

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested.