PPG Contest #6 – Win a Summer Exclusive Prize Pack!

Oh my goodness…what a few days it’s been. We’ve reached the close of the biggest geekfest of the year, San Diego Comic Con International, and whether you were there in person, live-streaming at home, or just following along on the interwebs, there was no doubt something for everybody. And what better way to close the event by giving away FIVE Funko Summer Exclusive Pops!


Now that the dust has settled, we want to know what your favorite moment of this year’s SDCC was. It could be an announcement, an event, a panel, an exclusive, a booth, a cosplay, an image you saw online…whatever moment you look back at the most fondly. All you have to do is post in our Contest Thread or comments section, and you’re automatically entered. It’s that simple!

As always, here is the fine print, regular sized for your convenience.

– The winner of this contest will receive one (5) Summer Exclusive Funko Pop figures – Heisenberg (Blue Crystal), Golden Frieza, Ant-Man (Black Out Suit), Gone Batty, Eleventh Doctor (w/ Cyberman Head). These figures are 2015 Summer Convention Exclusives, and are brand new and unopened!
– You must be registered to have an post, and therefore must be registered to win. Multiple registrations by the same person will be disqualified from the contest and publicly shamed.
– You can post all you want in the thread or comments (and are encouraged to!), but only get one entry regardless of how many posts you make.
– All posts must be entered by 12:00pm Central Time on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015. Any posts added after that will not count towards the contest.
– The winner will be notified by e-mail and private message as well as publicly on the front page and forum.
– The winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize. If the prize has not been claimed within 72 hours, the winner forfeits the contest and another name will be drawn.
– We will cover shipping in the United States and the first $15 of shipping outside of the U.S.
– Site admin and contributors are not eligible for the contest.

Let’s hear those Comic Con memories!

250 thoughts on “PPG Contest #6 – Win a Summer Exclusive Prize Pack!

  1. My fav moment was having the option of nabbing all the neat reveals safely at home an then ready about people getting trampled for the same thing. Shame it happened but definitely great hunting here for them!

  2. My favorite SDCC 2015 moment was when they premiered the Deadpool trailer!! It is by far my most anticipated movie from Marvel and I think it is going to be epic!

  3. My favorite moment was the BvS trailer.

    I’m more of a MCU fan, but WOW! just wow! that trailer is amazing

  4. My favorite moment from SDCC 2015 was getting to see the DCU Wonder Woman in action for the first time. I’m stoked about the entire trailer, but it was nice seeing her suited up and poised to make an impressive debut appearance. A very close second was that fantastic “Deadpool” trailer — very happy that the fans in Hall H responded so enthusiastically. Really hope that movie is a hit both critically and commercially.

  5. My favorite moment was seeing all the trailers finding out Ryan Reynolds went dressed as Darth Vader lol.

  6. My favorite moment from sdcc was the text from my buddy there of everything he got for me.

  7. Mostly a Captain America fan and had not been too excited over Superman vs Batman but that trailer really knocked it out of the park!

  8. The time I didn’t have to wait in line for hours to get some cool convention pops haha!

    In actual convention moment is when funko announced the DC boxes for next year. Wait I think that was during fundays actually. Well I also liked the Suicide Squad trailer

  9. Mockingbird took mine πŸ˜‰
    But everything about the Supernatural panel. Those guys are great. I want to see them in person someday.

  10. My favorite moment of SDCC is viewing the facebook pics and posts (since I could not be there in person).

  11. My favorite moment was on Saturday turning off of Market St. And onto 6th and realizing that this wasn’t going to be easy. Also running into Blake and Kyle from Workaholics! Got a picture and everything.

  12. Favorite moment has to be all the DC Movie trailers, BvS and Suicide Squad and especially the Deadpool trailer oh man, Deadpool won the show definitely.

  13. So many awesome “moments” and I wasn’t even there! Besides ConanCon being a “thing” this year and having the chance to follow along via YouTube and TeamCoCo, which was perfect for a nerdy girl all the way across the country in West Virginia. I’d have to say the kindness of my fellow admins & our fearless leader(who spent a lot of his Convention time standing in a line not just for himself but to make others happy)from Funko Collector Corps on Facebook. They made my Year let alone my ComicCon experience by gifting me a few Exclusives I was too broke to afford last week! It was seriously amazing that they would help a fellow collector out the way they did! I can’t even express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to help other Funko fans from within their crew on a daily basis! Seriously great group of people and our Members are super people as well!!I’m so glad I found Funko because the friends I’ve made and the Community I’ve gotten to feel like a part of is priceless!

  14. My favorite moment of SDCC was when countless fans of Jared Padalecki reached out in sympathy and understanding with his battle of depression. The overwhelming support was amazing to see and as someone that deals with depression myself, it’s always amazing to see the support that people can give to another human being.

  15. My fav SDCC 2015 moment was scrolling through all the pictures of the amazing costumes! I love seeing peoples creative sides

  16. This is my first year of being a NOOB seeing all on SDCC, just all the excitement of viewing the new pops and being able to experience the joyful faces and not so joyful. Can’t wait till next year!

  17. I Have to say my favorite SDCC moment was the release of the Batman v. Superman trailer. I got chills watching all that epicness.

  18. That moment I sat in the corner of Hot Topic in a ball while everyone grabbed everything

  19. I’m definitely going to have to go on the record as saying the Suicide Squad trailer was my favorite. I’m primarily a Marvel fan, but I’ve always thought DC had some of the best villains, and I believe their villains are more interesting than their heroes, with the Joker on the very top of that list. So to see Jared Leto’s rendition of the Joker, along with a tangible movie presence of Harley Quinn, is going to be awesome.

  20. I wish I had memories of this. I know my daughter would have loved to have been there. Especially with all the Doctor memorabilia, she would have felt like she had died and gone to Dr Who heaven lol.

  21. My favourite was everything announced with the WB TV and all the new characters getting introduced into the Arrowverse!! but the WWE-esque intro the Stephen Amell did was my highlight! Couldn’t help but think how awesome that costume would be on a Pop!

  22. Since I couldn’t go to San Diego, as soon as I found out I could go to a local store and enjoy the hunt, I was super excited. First time I have ever waited outside for a store to open.

  23. My favorite moment of SDCC 2015 was getting to not only meet Chris Hardwick and Felicia Day but to get hugs from both of them.

  24. Mine would be when all the new stuff is shown, then even more surprises during fun days, I was so happy to learn more about the new deadpool movie as well πŸ˜€

  25. My girlfriend and I went to our FIRST ever Comic-Con albeit for only one day (Thursday). Despite being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event, we were super excited to be there. Upon visiting one of the booths, we heard one exhibitor mention he just saw AJ Mclean from the “Backstreet Boys.” Now, I’m no Backstreet boys fan (or am I??), but my girlfriend is a DIE HARD fan. When I mean die hard, I mean she is crazy about them (she’s been a fan since 7 years old..she’s definitley older now haha). We became frantic, searched desperately and to our amazement, there he was! I was so estatic to see my girlfriend in jubilitation and pure joy. She got a photo, spoke with him and got to meet her favorite celebrity. For me, seeing her happy was the best moment of SDCC15 πŸ™‚

  26. I didn’t get to go to SDCC, but in my pop hunt on Thursday, I got to meet some awesome people I’d met on Facebook.

    The friends I made then, outweighs so much of the rest πŸ™‚

  27. Well it WAS the suicide squad trailer- until I saw the Deadpool trailer five minutes ago- I’M SO EXCITED FOR DEADPOOL

  28. My favorite moments were the leaked Batman vs. Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, and Deadpool leaked trailers.

  29. My favorite moment was the new Arrow costume. Just started binge watching the show on Netflix.

  30. I’m going to go with the candlelit ceremony the fans of Supernatural had for Jared Padalecki. Totally overwhelming experience.

  31. My favorite moment was when we were able to see the Suicide Squad movie trailer and of course shopping for pops from our local stores. My boyfriend and I had a blast!

  32. My favorite SDCC moment was when I spent all day at work daydreaming that I was there! Maybe someday I’ll get there for real…

  33. My fav. Moment SDCC even tho i am not there is seing people post their buys ..soo many different pops and im here trying to get one but cant beat the crowd. Bummer. But very excited moment. I even stay up past my sleeping hours looking at my funko facebook comments..the people are hillarioust! πŸ˜‰

  34. my favorite part was all the awesome trailers that were released. super excited about the walking dead

  35. My favorite moment was when my Popcultcha order finally went through and I knew I was getting Flame Head Anger (the best pop) ;P

  36. My favorite moment was the reveal of Batman vs Superman. I am a huge DC fan and I am SO RIDICULOUSLY sold on this movie!!

  37. My favorite sdcc moment had to be seeing all the swet protos, and freddies acquired at fundays. One day i will attend, ONE DAAAAAYYYYY. But other than that, i.got some.sweet pieces, with literally no lines. And helped afew friends as well. AT COST PLUS SHIPPING. #NoFlippin

  38. I am in Corpus Christi so on the ninth it was great to hit up hot topic and barns & nobles. Got me some nice sdcc pops, but my favorite might have came today. One of the many funko groups I am in, I saw what looked to be a Bruce Lee proto type. Yeah please make a Bruce Lee line with multiple exclusive.

  39. My favorite moment was strolling into B&N a week after the event and finding a Glitter Joy tucked behind some AoU Pops! on the regular ‘ol shelf πŸ™‚

  40. I think the best moments for me were watching my facebook feed fill up with amazing photos from the event while I sat around and tried to work out how much it would cost me to get to one…. its going to take a lot of saving!

  41. My favorite part was when I picked up unmasked Jason online right before they sold out!

  42. I would say that Fundays was my favorite part, it was my first time and was amazing!

  43. My Fav Sdcc moment was probably the trailers,batman v. Superman to be more specfic,and,of corse,being able to get a con-pop in my own home town!

  44. My favorite moment was finally seeing a trailer that made me excited for Batman Vs Superman. πŸ™‚

  45. My favorite memory of this year’s comic con was waiting online for 3 hours at Barnes and Noble when I really didn’t have to… simply to make sure that my 6 year old got Cap and Ant-Man.

  46. i really like seeing the hauls that people posted online. Any time my wife gives me grief over a new purchase, I can easily flip to more than one website and show her that I am reasonable! πŸ™‚

  47. So, I wasn’t able to attend the sdcc but from everything i seen and heard online, and watched. Im most excited about the new hunger games movie thats being written that was a slip from the cast during conan. πŸ™‚

  48. I missed out on the SDCC pops! or so I thought. I had to work and I didn’t get paid till the next day. I went all over town looking for exclusives. Found a couple but not the ones I went out for (all sold out!) Some guy was looking for frieza on facebook and I saw at mall near me. Hooked him up with location. He asked what I needed and he happened to have extras of each. He met up with me today and hooked me up. Blue Heisenberg, Unmasked Capt America and Blackout Ant-Man for cost. COST I TELL YA, COST!!! best SDCC happening .i’m still super stoked. Jose is the man!

  49. Me and my girlfriend were going to get up and snag all the exclusives from our local Hot Topic on Thursday morning. Since the kids were out on vacation with their cousins we were all alone. We decided to have a date night on Wednesday night. We had one too many cocktails. Overslept. Woke up late to find everything online was sold out as well as our local store. . Had a great date night. But no pops. Lol.

  50. Scoring the Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot Funko Pop SDCC exclusive for half price from Hot Topic’s website!!! Made my weekend a lot less depressing since I wasn’t in San Diego lol

  51. picking up all the exclusives I wanted for retail!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That in itself is a comic con miracle

  52. My favorite part of SDCC was meeting all the cool people while waiting for Hot Topic to open. It was great to spaz with other collectors.

  53. Probably the cast of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D acting silly. Clark Gregg crossplaying as Agent Peggy Carter was great.

  54. My favorite moment of SDCC was watching Norman Reedus stop his car on the street to talk to some fans. I got close enough to take a pic and he seemed like a really cool guy.

  55. My favorite moment was when Jared Padelecki realized what the candles in the crowd meant and he had just a little moment to himself. And his campaign is just so amazing and I’m glad to have been a part of that. That was by far the best SDCC moment that not many people know about.

  56. Seeing a pretty girl dressed as slave Leia then 30 seconds later seeing a very obese man dressed as slave Leia.

  57. By far for me is finally seeing the new trailer for Batman V Superman. I have watched it so many times. I can’t wait to finally see it and to finally see Wonder Woman in action for the first time was pretty awesome!!

  58. Favorite moment would have to be running into Chris 51 for the 2nd time in the last month, then helping him get his Funko items!

  59. My favorite moment was meeting the people I stood in line with at Barnes and Noble then we all went to Hot Topic together. Also can’t forget how an older gentleman came in looking for pops for his grandson as a gift and had NO idea what he was looking for or doing so being a good person I am helped him locate the ones in HT and then pointed him in the direction of BN to find the others. Also gave the guy in front of me 2 hot cash so he would get 4 pops for 15 instead of 30. I like helping people out, makes me feel good.

  60. Favorite moment is arriving at Barnes and Nobles before the doors opened to find a man standing there waiting to go inside. I asked him if he was excited for the SDCC exclusives and he said what are you talking about? He was there just to use the wi-fi. Lol. Me being me, I talked to him for 20 minutes about POPs.

  61. my fondest moment so far would have to be this past sdcc, i had been following Toy Toyko and hoping they would post the Mindstyles Gitd Tossakan since its release. Someone posted a picture of the Mindstyles display and i simply asked if they had any available, i got my anwser, Yes They had them and for a decent price.. well living in texas made it kinda hard to obtain it, so luckily enough A gentleman by the name of Terrance offered to get it for me at retail and shipping. I gave him a little extra for his time , and now I’ve obtained one of the Figures released this year that i really had been wanting. Its just a reminder that i got into this hobby about 5 years ago and since have met and done business with fellow collectors that are completely awesome when it comes to helping others get what their hunting for, and desire so i try to reciprocate by passing on that what others have done for me, even being complete strangers we come together just to help builds some beautiful collections together.. Puts the Fun into Funko…

  62. My favorite part was when my boyfriend (he has a few pops, but isn’t at all as big a fan as I am) but even so he woke up earlier than necessary and made sure I not only woke up and got to the mall early, he woke up early enough to make me breakfast in bed and even though it was just a SDCC release day he knew how much I wanted those pops; so he practically ran to Hot-topic to make sure I got a place in line (we arrived REALLY early so he even waited in line while the stores opened – there were only a few other people there while we waited because of how early it was) and he made sure I got all the pops I wanted. I may not have been able to go to SDCC (one day hopefully!), but I got the pops I wanted AND it was just an overall lovely, special day in more than one way. :3 It’s a little lovely dovey, lol, but it meant a lot to me that he tried so hard even though he doesn’t care for pops that much.

    1. He also drove me around calling to other Barnes and Nobles when the first didn’t have Black-out Ant Man and Joy – and successfully found one that had them both!

      1. To be honest – I hope someone that really wants these pops gets them, but I just wanted to throw out a thank you to that boyfriend of mine. ^__^ (Plus trying to get these for a buddy who had to work on release day; so if I can make someone elses day, that’s awesome too! :D)

  63. I loved seeing all the new trailers, but especially loved the one for Fear the Walking Dead. Can’t wait to see what they do with that show.

  64. Favorite moment of SDCC is viewing the facebook pics and posts. Wasn’t able to make it

  65. My favorite moment wasn’t necessarily comic con but during all the announcements there was the news that DC and Star Wars will have boxes similar to Marvel Collector Corps. Woooooo that news blew my mind.

  66. Favourite moment was the suicide squad trailer. I’m from Toronto and loved seeing the landmarks as it was filmed here!

  67. Definitely the Star Wars behind the scenes trailer. It told us so little about the movie, yet it told us that it’s going back to the way Star wars was made that we all love. I cried, I’m so excited. I cried man tears.

  68. The dubsmash battle between the Agents of Shield cast and Agent Peggy Carter cast it really shows you how into their characters they are πŸ˜€

  69. I had a couple of things I was happy about. The full trailers for Superman v Batman, Deadpool, and Suicide squad. And the panel for Supernatural. Especially when the fans showed their support for people with depression. It was very nice.

  70. When my 4 year old son and I tried to get into the Funko booth line and were turned away only to turn around and right behind us was a huge HULKBUSTER standing to the side of the Marvel Collector Corps Booth !!!!!!!!! The expression on my kids face was instant gratification for me. I wish I could have seen my own expression!!!

  71. My favorite moments had to be seeing the trailers for the new movies, I had written off the Batman vs Superman movie but that trailer has me doing a complete 180, and a little excited for it. Also, this being my first year collecting POPS it was a blast finding the convention exclusive Captain America and Blackout Antman.

  72. I had so many, but I saw all the panels I wanted and was front row at the mtv fandom awards and that was the highlight of my weekend. Funko found so many ways to keep me out of line for exclusives so I came home empty handed.

  73. When Lana posted a picture of herself with the SDCC exclusive Regina POP! I was flipping out hahaha

  74. I loved the Pops for the most part! The announcement of a Star Wars and DC collector corp boxes was awesome as well. The new Batman V.Superman trailer was fantastic, didn’t care so much for the Suicide Squad one though. My absolute favorite thing though was the announcement of the Batman/TMNT crossover miniseries and The Killing Joke becoming an animated movie.

  75. I really wish I could’ve gone this year, but I really think DC played their hand perfectly. Batman vs superman and suicide squad both look incredible. The deadpool footage was fantastic too! Can’t wait to see what is to come for both marvel and DC.

  76. Have just started collecting and got a few great pops at my very first Comicon in Vegas last month. Sdcc will be on the cards next year. This Sdcc week has been a crazy week to witness everyone’s feeds with buys, sells, trades full of emotions. Been a massive learning experience and have my grail teams to collect now with all the research done. Funny thing is, on Sdcc day I went to hot topic and had all the pops right in front of me, yes around 20 heisenbergs untouched yet all I wanted and got was rocket w/ baby Groot and Deadpool truck ride. Got to B&N too late supposedly? But what you gonna do!

  77. From all the way across the pond in the UK unfortunately I couldn’t be at SDCC but it has been my dream to go and I hope too soon! My favourite part was the release of the Deadpool and Suicide Squad trailers! I am just gutted that I can’t get hold of the exclusive Regina Pop!

  78. The trailer of the Suicide Squad and so the first look at Jared Leto’s The Joker in action.

  79. The hunt for SDCC exclusives day one at the retail stores. Pops are my second hobby, behind gaming so I couldn’t nab all the ones I really wanted. Definitely subing to the new DC and Star Wars boxes they announced as well

  80. My favorite moment: Seeing the Star Wars cast all together! Cannot wait for the movie!

  81. My favorite things about SDCC’15 are the trailers and exclusive funko pops! My favorite trailers were BvS: Dawn of Justice & Suicide Squad. Two of my favorite pops were Golden Frieza & Crystal Blue Heisenberg

  82. Staying up all night trying to score Heisenberg (Blue Crystal) on Popcultcha.

  83. My favorite moment of SDCC involves the announcement of the new movies, teaser preview of upcoming movies / shows and the warcraft entourage all at the comfort of my cozy room.

  84. My favorite moment was hearing Joss Whedon say Buffy was his favorite character that he created.

  85. My favorite moment would have to be all of the pictures I saw of the AHS cast doing their panel and meeting people!

  86. My favourite moment of Sdcc 2015 was finally getting a trailer of the new movie sucide squad and also seeing lots of posts if pops that people managed to get πŸ™‚

  87. Seeing Harrison Ford and the rest of the Star Wars crew at their panel. And getting some great pops on exclusive day!

  88. My favorite moment was when they released behind the scenes footage of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Sweet!

  89. My favorite has to be the deadpool trailer, can’t wait for the movie to be released.

  90. My favorite moment was managing to put crystal Heisenberg on hold and not have to deal with the chaos to get the pop I wanted.

  91. My favorite moment was the Suicide Squad trailer. I’m more of a Marvel fan, but that trailer made me really excited!
    Other thing that I really liked was Nerd HQ and their conversations for a cause.

  92. I am so glad that a line of “convention” pops became available for the everyday funko collector. What I hate about this is the fact that people “who don’t even collect these sets” went out and bought everyone that the stores had and are now selling them for double and triple of what the purchase price was.

  93. My favorite was the premerie of the walking dead trailer who could not love that!!!


  95. My Favorite moment from this year’s SDCC was all the trailer for the upcoming seasons and Movies. Always a sucker for a good trailer!

  96. Loved the new Marvel Movie Trailers! Also was super hyped to see all the new Warcraft shots!

  97. My favorite moment (that made me absolutely cry my eyes out) was during the Supernatural panel, when all of the fans held up the candles in honor of Jared Padalecki’s fight with depression, and his charity Always Keep Fighting. None of the panel members knew it was planned, it was just an awesome fan moment, and it had me crying at how awesome some people really can be. You could see on his face just how much it meant to him.

  98. Favorite moment, I’d say that having Conan #teamcoco at Comic Con was quite epic. Especially to have Conan give out his Conan Pop’s through a contest. That’s what it’s all about spreading the wealth for those of us that couldn’t attend Comic Con.

  99. My favorite memory of SDCC was seeing the amazing Deadpool trailer. It took away all my fears for the movie and got me super excited to see it. Ryan Reynolds will kill it as the merc with a mouth.

  100. I loved seeing all the pictures of the costumes online. It got me pumped to be able to go next year. Also the exclusive pops are really cool

  101. My favorite moment was the official reveal trailer of the Doctor Who set in Lego Dimensions.

  102. My favorite was the Star Wars panel! So much awesomeness there – the kiss between Han & Leia; appearance by Harrison Ford was fantastic!

  103. my favorite was the trailer from The Walking Dead and the “New Green Arrow” announcement and all the panels and costums at SDCC

  104. My favorite part of SDCC was the season 6 premiere trailer for The Walking Dead and the New Green Arrow announcement.

  105. My favorite SDCC 2015 was when Richard Armitage uses The Red Dragon flower crown at Hannibal panel <3

  106. My favorite part of SDCC was all the awesome trailers and kickass exclusive Funko Pops that were coming out.

  107. I didn’t get to go to SDCC, but my fave moment was being out searching for the exclusives at HT and B&N with my son! =]

  108. Conan O’ Brien was my favorite!! Wish I could snag some of those damn Conan Pops!

  109. My favorite part of SDCC was that everyone headed to Hot Topic to buy convention exclusives while neglecting glow in the dark vault boy.

    Thanks for the distraction!

  110. My favorite moment was in Supernatural panel when all fans lit candles to honor Jared Padalecki about his fight against depression. This time was perfect in the interaction of fans and cast, and it is the real reason for the Comic Con exist. Always keep fighting!

  111. my favorite moment was the deadpool preview and also the free giveaways on sat night at marvel booth. So awesome!!!

  112. Just all of the trailers that I saw and all the hullabaloo surrounding the SDCC exclusive Pops were my favorite moments! Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Batman vs Superman all look fantastic!

  113. My favorite SDCC 2015 moment was the premiere of the Suicide Squad trailer!! It is by far my most anticipated movie from DC for me and I think it is going to be awesome!:-)

  114. My fave SDCC 2015 moment has got to be the Deadpool trailer. And Ryan Reynolds promising his mouth will definitely NOT be sewn shut at any point! Yay for a second chance at doing the character justice on the big screen.

  115. Hi guys!

    My favorite moment was twitter blowing up with tweets of the Funko Booth SO PACKED!

    It wasa glorious sight!

  116. Definitely the deadpool trailer it was the best! And conans mad max bit was the best!

  117. The Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse news were amazing but my Favorite moment was seeing th new Batman V Superman trailer and hearing Joker!!! Cannot wait till next year!!!

  118. My favorite moment… Waiting online and checking the forums and announcements all day, hoping to see various sites put the SDCC exclusive Pop! figures up for sale, getting so excited to see them finally appear, getting more excited to actually get them placed in my cart, and then having the page crash over and over again for and finally have it work again only to find that every single one of the figures I had in my cart had sold out while I was trying to get the checkout to work.

    It was so much dang-burned “fun” that I can’t wait until I can do it all again next year.

  119. My favorite memory of this year was watching all the posts of photos for the Funko booth! I hope to be able to go to SDCC or NYCC at some point in the future!

  120. My favorite moment was the release of each of the new movie trailers. Especially the moment the Joker appeared in the Suicide Squad trailer.

  121. My favourite moment was cancelling my trip to comic con, because my baby girl arrived 6 weeks early…I plan to bring my little Ava next year dressed up…whats a good costume at the con for a 1 yr old

  122. My favorite part about this year’s Comic-Con is all the amazing costumes. People really go to great lengths, it really is quite impressive.

  123. the panels were def my favorites, they were so amazing, star packed! love it!

  124. My favorite moment of SDCC 2015 were all the amazing trailers for the upcoming comic-based films.

  125. My favourite moment was the Deadpool trailer. Really put my worries to bed. πŸ™‚

  126. Last Thursday I was outside a Barnes and Noble waiting for it to open with 2 other collectors. I have never met another Funko collector before. I have seen them a few times since. Cool guys.

  127. What can be a better prize then funko pop exclusives I couldn’t make it to comic con this year so I would love to be able to add these to my collection.

  128. My favourite part of SDCC was watching Channing Tatum help Stan Lee down the stairs after the X-men, F4, Gambit, Wolverine movies panel. I’m not a Tatum fan but him showing this act of kindness has made me respect him a little more as a human being.

  129. For me it was simply running into friends that I haven’t seen in over 15 years.

  130. my favorite moment waking up early and feeling the that worm feeling you get right before you go pop hunting and i had a lot of fun talking to the people in the line because we where all there because we all shared a common interest witch is a love for funko pops so i had a blast over all and plus i got to go home with new pops,shirts,poster, and most important new memories of my first sdcc pop hunt.

  131. I couldn’t make it to SDCC, but hearing everyones memories is sealing the deal on me booking for next year! Hoping to make some awesome memories myself!

  132. Couldn’t make it to SDCC, but hopefully will next year! Still soo excited for Suicide Squad!

  133. My favorite was the x force deadpool chimichanga truck and the flocked snuffleapuagus

  134. My favorite part of Comic Con was when I was able to buy a convention-exclusive Unmasked Captain America Pop! without having actually gone to Comic Con.

  135. my gf and i were cos playing as ezio and connor from the assassin’s creed game and we were hanging out at the square enix experience when the promotion team from the assassins creed experience came up to us. They ask to give us a ride over to their booth. We got to meet the designer and builder of the course. they also let us run the course and do the leap of faith w/o having to wait in line. total vip treatment. it was a great experience to be noticed. FAVORITE MOMENT OF SDCC15.

  136. MY favorite SDCC was all of the excitement trying to get the summer exclusives at HT because I wasn’t able to actually go. πŸ™

  137. I guess my favorite experience from this years SDCC and events is my own adventure find some SDCC pops and when I watch the Conan show at night live from SD and the SDCC set up they had and actors they had on etc. Also try to win those Conan special pops and emailing for all 4 each nights code but still haven’t heard so who knows if I will win. All in all an adventure thanks.

  138. Has to be all the bad ass movie trailers continually upping the ante as each one was revealed. Everything involving Deadpool, too.

  139. My favorite moment was the suicide squad panel I can’t wait to see that movie. I have been excited about it since before filming started.

  140. My favorite moment of SDCC was when the make up artist Barry Bishop proposed to his long term life partner during the Con Man panel discussion. Its awesome to see gay rights given to the U.S. but it is even more awesome to see its effects at something as awesome as Comic Con and it be wildly accepted! πŸ™‚

  141. Favorite moment has got to be when the Warcraft movie got leaked online and Legendary running around the internet trying to take it down everywhere lol do they not know once its online its forever? All you need to do is look a little.

  142. I hope to win this contest. I have never gotten to go to SDCC …would love to go one year..all the exclusives stuff you can get..but if I win this contest at least i would have some SDCC exclusive pops

  143. Definitely the Suicid Squad and Deadpool trailers being released. And all the amazing SDCC exclusive Pop Vinyls. πŸ™‚

  144. A DBZ fan through and through and so are my daughters an extra Frieza would be perfect for their room!! I am hoping to see Antman soon too that Blackout looks awesome! Good Luck to everyone! πŸ˜€

  145. Definitely when Jennifer Lawrence met Bill Murray and the internet exploded. It was amazing!

  146. Deadpool trailer was great! Just waiting for an official HD version to show up

  147. my favorite things were the deadpool trailer as well as watching conan there and seeing all his amazing guests!

  148. Sadly, I couldn’t make it with me living in Canada and such, however, I would love to win something! Especially the Golden Frieza and the Eleventh Doctor with Handles(The Cyberman)! Eventually, I will make it to a convention of some kind. But, for now, this is my only hope! Good Luck to me! HaHa!

  149. Suicide Squad, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse… Dude, the movies that are coming!! Also, incredible Pop exclusives this year!

  150. For me, the highlight of SDCC 2015 was probably the Agents of SHIELD vs Agent Carter dubsmash war.

  151. Although I didn’t personally attend SDCC 2015, my favorite part had to be the attendees doing the candlelight thing for Jared Padalecki during the J2 panel. That was honestly such a touching moment.

  152. I think the best thing from SDCC 2015 was the Superman vs. Batman Funko Pop exclusive. It’s a must have!

  153. My favourite SDCC 2015 moment has to be the reveal of the Suicide’s Squad trailer. So awesome to finally see Jared Leto’s joker in action

  154. The Blizzard movie preview! It looked amazing, I cannot wait for it to come out!
    Also, getting my Regina. <3

  155. I’d love the gone batty minion!! Just getting into pop vinyls. They are really cool!!

  156. my Favourite moment from SDCC15 was the suicide squad trailer, so many good characters and if they make pops for them all they will look sweet

  157. My favorite moment was the Deadpool trailer and the amazing exclusives!! Good luck to everyone!

  158. My favorite moment was the suicide squad trailer! can’t wait for it to be released

  159. Oh yea!! And that giant Hulk Bust at the Marvel Collector Corps stand (forgot to include that) xD

  160. My favorite part of comic-con had to be the suicide squad’s trailer and watching Jared Leto’s version of the Joker!

  161. Oh yes!
    The moment I treasure most from Comic-Con is not being there (:
    Maybe next year I’ll get the chance.

  162. 500% the deadpool panel + trailer hype. I honestly CANNOT WAIT. I really hope it comes out amazing ^_^

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