Seinfeld Vinyl Idolz Figures Coming in July

Vinyl Sugar have announced their line of Seinfeld vinyl figures that should be hitting stores and online retailers in July. Focusing on some of the not-so-main characters of the show, the line will include; Kramer, Newman, The Soup Nazi, Frank Costanza, Puddy and J. Peterson. You can preorder these at Entertainment Earth. Check them out below!

5702_Kramer-Seinfeld 5703_Newman-Seinfeld 5704_SoupNazi-Seinfeld 5705_Frank-Seinfeld 5706_Puddy-Seinfeld 5707_Peterman-Seinfeld

Click here to view the Seinfeld Vinyl Idolz in the PPG.

3 thoughts on “Seinfeld Vinyl Idolz Figures Coming in July

  1. ^^Amen on both counts.

    Also, does anyone find it kind of odd that out of six figures, only *one* of them is a main character? O_o

  2. I was thinking that too, why the hell isn’t the main guy in it? Or the chick? I can’t remember names, only faces… faces I wish I could forget! lol

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