Have you visited our forums?

It’s very exciting to me that we currently have 5,902 members on this site. Being that the site is a mere seven months old, it makes me incredibly proud to have experienced that much growth over such a short period of time. But…how many of you 5,902 people know that we have a fun and laid back forum? It’s a great place to talk Pops, other Funko products, make trades and sales, and even chat about other collectibles and pop culture. We’d love to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Have you visited our forums?

  1. I try to stay as regular as I can without being a creeper and being the most recent poster every second…love what you guys have done with the place!

  2. Love the site and u can actually talk in the forums unlike funko fanatic ,can’t even register with them lol their stupid grocery list

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