FFA Collector : Wilson Ang

Funko FunKlub Asia (not affiliated with Funko) is a community of Funko collectors in the Asian region.

FFA Collector is a series that interviews a member collector and how the hobby is doing at his or her location. Our second interview is with Wilson Ang in Singapore, proud owner of a Clockwork Orange GITD AND Clockwork Orange proto.


FFA: Hi Wilson, as we understand it, you are the individual who’s paid the most for a single POP?

Wilson: Yes, I believe it is the most expensive to date. USD$3,300 for the Clockwork Orange Glow Funko Pop! Limited Edition 12/12, signed.

FFA: Are you a big fan of Kubrick or Anthony Burgess?

Wilson: Not really into Kubrick, and not really a big fan of Anthony Burgess. But I like the movie adaptation of A Clockwork Orange which I watched more than 10 years ago.

FFA: The small group of collectors in Singapore is known for buying some of the most expensive pieces ever sold. What do you attribute that to?

Wilson: I think it is because Funko Pops have become really popular in Singapore over the last couple of years.

 FFA: Right, but you guys probably have the most expensive POP collection per collector of any country in the world?’

Wilson: There’s actually only a handful of us in Singapore who are owners of really expensive Pops.

FFA: Aside from the CWO glow, what are the top 3 priciest POPs you’ve purchased?

Wilson: Another expensive Pop would be the Funko Pop Clockwork Orange proto, which is USD $1,625. The rest are actually just average in price. I have over 1,000 Pops right now.

FFA: 1,000? How do you deal with storing and displaying?

 Wilson: Almost all are tucked away behind cupboards.

FFA: Have you considered trimming down the collection because of that?

Wilson: Yes, as I am running out of space, I am considering selling some of them.

 FFA: The POP community in Singapore is quite close-knit?

Wilson:  Yes, I believe so. Jebson Tan created the Funko Pop Singapore Group last year. Some of us have actually become good friends!

FFA: You guys planning to take a trip to SDCC together anytime soon?

Wilson: Yes, some of the guys are having this plan actually.

 FFA: Several of you are also big collectors of protos right?

Wilson: Just a few of us.

 FFA: What are some of the notable protos you’ve acquired aside from the CWO one?

Wilson: Here is a picture.


FFA: For you, what’s the appeal of protos?

Wilson: The rarity of the pieces.

FFA: You like rarity but you also like commons?

Wilson: Yes, I like Funko Pops in general.

FFA: Did you find Pops by yourself or someone introduced you to the hobby?

Wilson: Happened one day, I was walking past a toy shop and saw these cute toys. I immediately fell in love with them. But my fellow collectors played a large part in building my interest.

FFA: What was the first Pop you bought?

Wilson: I’m afraid I cannot remember 🙁

FFA: What’s your favorite POP the CWO am guessing?

 Wilson: Yes sir!

FFA: And what’s the POP you’re currently really wanting?

Wilson : Metallic Ghost Rider Freddy.

FFA: Oh, so you want to do a complete Freddy collection as well?

Wilson: If possible, yes.

FFA: Why do Freddys appeal to you?

Wilson: They look cute.

FFA: But you had no idea what a Freddy was initially, correct? You think you’d still be into Freddys if they were not so rare?

Wilson: Maybe not.

FFA: Don’t you feel sometimes that Funko collecting is a game of one-upsmanship between upper tier collectors?

Wilson: It is true, just like you can choose to drive Porsche or Toyota. To each is its own.

FFA: Do you collect other toy lines?

Wilson: Not really.

FFA: And do you ever see yourself giving up Funko?

Wilson : Maybe trim the collection but not give it up.



4 thoughts on “FFA Collector : Wilson Ang

  1. So can someone please tell me what protos are please?

    I think that they might be non painted pops possibly?

    Please let me know.



    1. protos are prototypes so they’re essentially early development stage Funko POP’s.

  2. Except the just look like unpainted pops IMO. I’d like a proto where someone was sculpting it out.

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