10 thoughts on “American Horror Story and Viking Pops Added to the Guide

  1. This AHS series might be my favorite series of Pops to date! I love that they made Ma Petite to go along with Elsa.

  2. These are freaking fantastic! I still need to watch the 4th season >.< Excited about Lady Gaga in Season 5 though!

  3. Both these sets are from shows I love so its awesome they did such a great job with all of them! AHS Pops turned out really cool & The Viking characters REALLY look like themselves.

  4. The AHS pops look fantastic! I can’t wait for them to come out. Does anyone know why AHS season 2 Pops were never produced? Interesting every season has Pops aside from season 2.

  5. I wish there was a Dandy pop from Freak Show!! And I agree, where was Season Two!!?? Bloody face would have made an awesome pop, as would Angel of Death and Sister Unis (however you spell her name?!)

    Also, season one only had rubber man and Tait, there should have been a Violet to sit with him!

  6. I agree, Dandy and even near-naked blood-soaked Dandy would be awesome. 🙂 Great choices for Season 2. I’d say Bloody Face, Sister Jude, Sister Mary Eunice and Death.

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