Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Announced

Funko has announced some of their exclusives for Star Wars Celebration 2015. So far we have 3 new exclusives that will be at Funko’s booth, and 1 new exclusive that will be at Toy Tokyo’s booth.

Funko will be offering Shock Trooper, R2-Q5, and E-3po.
Toy Tokyo will have R2-R9.

Also announced is that Unmasked Vader will be a “First to Market” pre-release available at the Funko booth.

Click the picture to add them to your want list.

Funko’s Exclusives:

5724_ShockTrooper_POP_grande 5750_R2-Q5_hires-IC_grande 5395_C3PO_SLIVER_POP_grande 5529_Unmasked_Darth_Vader_POP_GLAM_grande


Toy Tokyo’s Exclusive:


5 thoughts on “Star Wars Celebration Exclusives Announced

  1. Thank god i don’t collect Star wars, I have flocked Wampa and thats all I need 😛

  2. Too bad people will buy all of them at the convention and gouge prices to those of us who can’t attend.

  3. Pretty insane honestly, I like having exclusives, but I also hate the fact that people mark them up so high and screw with peoples emotions!

  4. Sucks for the collectors but I’m not going to lie, if I got my hands on one I’d sell it at the going rate. 😛

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