It’s Official – Pop! Star Wars Greedo is being rereleased

Once Funko announced that some Star Wars Pops would see rerelease to commemorate the new movie installment later this year, fans have been wondering if the ultra hard to find Greedo would be released. We now know that this is a reality, as Funko has released a promo pic with the new Vault Edition packaging. The great news is that these are already up for preorder at both Entertainment Earth for a mere $9.99, well below the $200+ it’s going for on the aftermarket!

How does everyone feel about this? Glad that a rarity is back on the retail market? Pissed that the release cheapens the rarity and collectiblity factor?

Greedo Vault Edition

10 thoughts on “It’s Official – Pop! Star Wars Greedo is being rereleased

  1. Never got the first edition but just ordered this one.So happy to have this coming.

  2. That’s hilarious. Sucks if you bought one for crazy markup and got undercut and are an actual collector but a real star wars fan should know they squeeze the pennies out. Them’s the brakes. Good for everybody else that loves Greedo.

    1. I don’t really see the humor in laughing at someone’s possible misfortune such as this. Granted we all assume there is risk in rarity items but the laughter is unnecessary. Everyone collects different items for different reasons.

      It’s a bitter sweet announcement.

  3. How are you going to be able to tell the difference between a vault release and first run?

  4. The box is different, I kind of think it’ll make the first runs go up in price for actual collectors looking for the originals….but who knows.

  5. Hopefully for the collectors of rare items it doesn’t affect them drastically. I just sold Greedo to someone and I’d hate for their purchase to depreciate in value.

    I can see the original in box items possibly increasing in value. However for those out of box collectors this may ruin their value.

    I understand the business move as the molds are already made and such so no real extra investment to re-release them. I just feel it undercuts the fan base a little that helped them become so popular.

    Time will tell.

  6. I don’t think this will effect the original Greedo’s value at all…if anything, make it go up. If you are just looking for a Greedo to have in your collection then there you go but true collectors will still want the original which will keeps it’s value high.

    I’ve watched toy collector shows many, many times and “originals” are always very valuable regardless of how many “vaulted” or “re-releases” happen…simply because there is always a difference. They will never release the same exact toy…there always has to be some kind of difference, rather it is the box or something else, to distinguish between the two.

    Dr popadopalis doesn’t know what he is talking about…

  7. I consider myself a “true” collector and don’t give a rat’s ass about which box it’s in. 🙂 But I also display mine out of box. Boxed collectors might want the original, but there’s a good mix of boxed and loose collectors in this hobby, which I think will result in a decrease in the original’s going rate. It might not be substantial, but knowing you can get the exact same figure in only a slightly different box (and with no guarantees that it won’t be released again), most collectors will go for the far cheaper option.

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