Castiel Leviathan Variant Funko Pop! Figure

Popcultcha strikes again! They just received their shipment of the Castiel ‘Leviathan’ variant Funko Pop! Vinyl figure. This marks the third Castiel Pop! and is inspired by the first episode of season 7 of the hit show Supernatural. A betting man would guess that this is going to be another Hot Topic exclusive in the US as both of the others have been. If you live down-under or are just impatient, you can grab one right now on Popcultcha’s website.



6 thoughts on “Castiel Leviathan Variant Funko Pop! Figure

    1. I agree. No change to the box or number, sloppy work on the hair…hopefully the production version looks better than this.

  1. I would have much preferred a John Constantine POP rather than this. This character’s look appears heavily influenced by Constantine, only with different colored hair.

    1. Well Constantine is heavily influenced by Sting. So maybe it should just be a Sting pop with that logic. And nowadays Constantine is known for a red tie.

  2. The artist who first created Constantine has mentioned using Sting as a model for his look, but I’m not sure how pertinent that detail is to the discussion. Regardless, Constantine is a better known character than this guy, and would seem a more “logical” choice to become a POP. But, I know those decisions come down to licensing and such. That was merely my observation. I won’t be adding this one to my collection, but I’m sure there are “Supernatural” fans who will appreciate it and that’s cool with me.

  3. I would say Castiel is a very well known character, seeing as the actor won best scifi actor, and the show has been running for 10 years… Although I am familiar with the Constantine comics, most people in the generation of supernatural fans had no idea who Constantine was until the new show started. Good observation though… Their characters are so different I hadn’t thought about the similarities.

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