Batman Dorbz (Series 1) from Vinyl Sugar Coming Soon

The next batch of Dorbz have been revealed by Vinyl Sugar. You can expect to see the first Series of Batman characters in June! This set includes Bats himself, Robin, Batgirl, Killer Croc, The Penguin and Harley Quinn. Take a look below!

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5958_BlackBatmanDorbs 5960_RobinDorbs 5963_BatgirlDorbs 5968_HarleyQuinnDorbs 5969_Penguin-Dorbs 5966_KillerCrocDorbs

4 thoughts on “Batman Dorbz (Series 1) from Vinyl Sugar Coming Soon

  1. Thanks for the ever growing updates and hard work! Now if Funko would just quit coming out with more shit for me to buy lmao

  2. Haha… I am sticking with the Vinyl Pops.These Dorbz are cool and all but not for me and my collection at the moment.

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