PPG Contest – Win an “I Want It All” Cache from collectibleGEEK!

Only two days left! It’s time for a new contest, and what better way to go than to team up with our new sponsor, collectibleGEEK!. If you’re not familiar with collectibleGEEK, I urge you to check out their site and check out the many monthly cache options they have available! They are very Funko-centric and are sure to please the Funko collector in all of us.

In this new contest, it’s all about monthly blind boxes and themes. We’d like to pose the question: If you could choose a theme for an upcoming blind box such as what collectibleGEEK has to offer, what would your ideal theme be? It can be as broad as 70s Sci-Fi or as narrow as a single movie or character! Your answer should be posted in this thread. Please note that I said “answer”…out of respect for others, and to show a little individuality, keep it to ONE theme that you’d want – the one you’d most want to see.

The winner of this contest will win the April I WANT IT ALL cache from collectibleGEEK. April’s theme is “Assemble”, promising that it will be heaping with Avengers-related goodness! And winning this great box is as simple as posting your most wanted theme in the thread. It’s that easy! The winner’s name will be randomly selected and announced some time on Saturday, March 21st, 2015.

Now, the fine print (in regular size for your convenience).

– The winner of this contest will receive one (1) I WANT IT ALL cache from collectibleGEEK. This is a blind-box subscription service, and while the theme is “Assemble”, exact contents are not currently known.
– You must be registered to post, and therefore must be registered to win. Multiple registrations by the same person will be disqualified from the contest and publicly shamed.
– You can post all you want in the thread, but there is only one entry per member. Also, please limit yourself to only one answer!
– All entries must be made by 11:59pm Central Time on Friday, March 20th, 2015. Any posts made after that will not count towards the contest.
– The winner will be notified by e-mail as well as publicly on the front page and forum.
– The winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize. If the prize has not been claimed within 72 hours, the winner forfeits the contest and another name will be drawn.
– We will cover shipping in the United States and the first $15 of shipping outside of the U.S.
– Site admin and contributors are not eligible for the contest.

Let’s have some fun, and let’s win somebody an I Want It All cache!

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  1. Evolution Box – Could have offerings spanning from 60s and 70’s vintage comic and pop culture geek icons, throwbacks to old technology, reimagining of old characters – there could be a custom Funko that is a mash up of a classic and modern character!

  2. flash for my little girl, her bday is next month she really wants the plush flash and tv flash

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