New Pops on the Horizon?

A reliable source has provided us with a list of Pops that have shown up for preorder from a European distributor. Keep in mind, this information is unconfirmed, but we know some of these have already shown up in prototype form. Read on for the full list!

Pocket POP Bravest Warrior : Catbug
Pocket POP Dr. Who : Adipose
Pocket POP Keychain : Jack
Pocket POP Keychain : Sally
Pocket POP MLP : Celestia
Pocket POP Tins : Adventure Time
Pocket POP Tins : Ariel, Tinkerbell, Belle
Pocket POP Tins : Chucky, Ghostface, Billy
Pocket POP Tins : Maleficent, Ursula, Evil Queen
Pocket POP Tins: Freddy, Sam, Jason
Poclet POP : Sally, Jack, Oogie Boogie
POP Arrow : Black Canary
POP Arrow : Deathstroke
POP Arrow : Oliver Queen
POP Arrow : The Hood
POP Battlestar : Admiral Adama
POP Battlestar : Apollo
POP Battlestar : Boomer
POP Battlestar : Cylan
POP Battlestar : Cylon Gold Centurion
POP Battlestar : Lucifer
POP Battlestar : Misfit
POP Battlestar : Number Six
POP Battlestar : Starbuck
POP Battlestar : Viper Pilot
POP Dr. Who – Adipose
POP Dr. Who – Cyberman
POP Dr. Who – Dalek
POP Dr. Who : 10th Doctor
POP Dr. Who : 11th Doctor
POP Dr. Who : 12th Doctor
POP Dr. Who : 4th Doctor
POP Dr. Who : Tardis 6 inch
POP Dr. Who : Weeping Angel
POP Family Guy : Brian
POP Family Guy : Peter
POP Family Guy : Stewie
POP Family Guy : Stewie w/ Ray Gun
POP Futurama : Bender
POP Futurama : Fry
POP Futurama : Leela
POP Futurama : Robot Devil
POP Keychains : 10th Doctor
POP Keychains : 11th Doctor
POP Keychains : 4th Doctor
POP Keychains : Adventure Time Finn
POP Keychains : Adventure Time Jake
POP Keychains : Ariel
POP Keychains : Evil Queen
POP Keychains : Maleficent
POP Keychains : Tinkerbell
POP Keychains : Ursula
POP Once Upon A Time : Hook
POP Once Upon A Time : Emma Swan
POP Once Upon A Time : Prince Charming
POP Once Upon A Time : Regina
POP Once Upon A Time : Rumpelstiltskin
POP Outlander : Dougal Mackenzie
POP Outlander : Black Jack Randall
POP Outlander : Clair Randall
POP Outlander : Frank Randall
POP Outlander : Jamie Fraser
POP Outlander : Snow White
POP Peanuts : Charlie Brown
POP Peanuts : Linus
POP Peanuts : Lucy
POP Peanuts : Sally Brown
POP Sesame Street : Bert
POP Sesame Street : Big Bird 6 inch
POP Sesame Street : Cookie Monster
POP Sesame Street : Elmo
POP Sesame Street : Ernie
POP Sesame Street : Grover
POP Sesame Street : Oscar
POP Sesame Street : Snuffleupagus 6 inch
POP Sesame Street : Super Grover
POP Sesame Street : The Count
POP The Flash TV : Captain Cold
POP The Flash TV : Reverse Flash
POP The Munsters : Lily Munster
POP The Munsters : Eddie Munster
POP The Munsters : Grandpa Munster
POP The Munsters : Herman Munster

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