Upcoming Concept Art Revealed!

There has been a ton of concept art revealed today so let’s get straight to it!

American Horror Story: Freak Show – Twisty, Pepper, Elsa and Ma Petite, Bette & Dot Tattler

Arrow – Pops of The Hood (Arrow), Oliver Queen, Deathstroke, Black Canary

The Flash – Pops of The Flash, Captain Cold, Reverse Flash

Outlander – Pops of Jamie Fraser, Frank Randall, Claire Randall, Black Jack Randall, Dougal Mackenzie

Peanuts – Pops of Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Snoopy, Sally Brown, Linus Van Pelt

Doctor Who – Pops of 12th Doctor, 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 4th Doctor, Weeping Angel, Cyberman, Dalek, 6″ Tardis, 6″ Adipose; Wacky Wobblers of 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Weeping Angel; Keychains of 12th Doctor, 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor, Adipose

Game of Thrones – Pops of 6″ Rhaegel, 6″ Viserion, Golden Hand Jamie Lannister, The Mountain, Wights, Sansa Stark, Grey Worm, Unsullied, and others previously announced

Pixar’s Cars – Pops of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Ramone, Duc Hudson

Nightmare Before Christmas – Wacky Wobblers of Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Santa Jack

Family Guy – Peter, Brian, Stewie and Stewie with Ray Gun

Futurama – Fry, Leela, Bender, Robot Devil

Vikings – Ragnar, Floki, Lagertha, Seer, Rollo

Hannah-Barbera – Mean Machine Pop! Ride, Dick Dastardly, Muttley, Penelope Pitstop, Morocco Mole, Secret Squirrel, Squiddly Diddly, Ricochet Rabbit and Quick Draw McGraw

Fifth Element – Korben Dallas, Zorg, Leeloo, Leeloo (Straps), Ruby Rhod, Mangalore, and Diva Plavalaguna

Talladega Nights – Ricky Bobby, Cal and Jean Girrard

Star Wars – Luke, Unmasked Vader, Bib Fortuna, Figrin Dan, Tie Fighter Pilot and Boushh Leia

Elder Scrolls – Breton, Nord and High Elf

Skyrim – Dovahkiin, Alduin (6 inch) and Dark Elf

Borderlands – Claptrap, Gentleman Claptrap, Psycho, Handsome Jack and Moxie

Princess & the Frog – Princess Tiana, Louis and Dr Facilier

Rapunzel – Rapunzel & Pascal and Maximus

Mulan – Mulan and Mushu & Cricket

Other Disney – Aurora and Ariel (Blue Dress)

Rocky Horror – Dr Frank N. Furter, Magenta, Brad, Riff Raff, Columbia and Janet

Sesame Street – Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Super Grover, Grover, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Snuffleupagus (6 inch) and Big Bird (6 inch)

Garbage Pail Kids – Atom Bomb (6 inch) and a set of Mystery Minis

Batman Arkham Asylum – Catwoman, Robin, Scarecrow and Mr Freeze

Gigantor – Gigantor

Breakfast Club – Brian Johnson, Andrew Clark, John Bender, Claire Standish, Allison Reynolds and Richard Vernon

Kung Fu Panda – Po, Tigress, Master Shifu, Monkey and Mr Ping

Shrek – Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots

Munsters – Herman, Lily, Grandpa and Eddie

Once Upon a Time – Emma Swan, Regina, Rumplestiltskin, Prince Charming, Snow White and Hook

Battlestar Galactica –  Original Series: Starbuck, Cylon Centurion, Apollo, Boomer, Lucifer, Adama, Viper Pilot, Daggit; Reimagined Series: Starbuck, Cylon, Caprica Six

American Horror Story

Arrow Flash Outlander


Doctor Who Wobblers Keychains


Game of Thrones Pops


Wreck It Ralph Cars Nightmare Before Christmas




















8 thoughts on “Upcoming Concept Art Revealed!

  1. Already pre-ordered all the Borderlands from gamestop. Excited about additional Arkham characters, Munsters, Garbage Pail, Fifth Element, and some of Hannah-Barbera

  2. Stewie has some nice cornrows going on. Linus too, but stewie’s are laughable with that mock up. Needs to much less thick so it’s not noticeable from the front on the actual pop. I’m sure it will be though.

    1. These are straight from a Funko Toy Fair press release. So while they haven’t been officially made for preorder anywhere, odds are we will see all of them.

  3. Hoping there is more American Horror Story then that. So many characters they missed out on. Dandy, Ethel, Jimmy.

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