10 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Roller Derby & Harley Quinn w/ Mallet Available at Popcultcha!

  1. Nice, shipping kills it 🙁 Is this an exclusive to them or will we in the US see them come in soon?

    1. Roller Harley is going to be a Hot Topic exclusive. I imagine we’ll see them here in the very near future.

  2. Ordered mine. Got the Old Harley with Mallet and Blackest Night Batman as well. Shipping and conversion sucked but its more in the US for any one of them.

    1. I kid you not.. I had that Blackest Night in my cart.. went to buy it and it disappeared same time frame of your post. The irony that it was someone from the same posting here.

      I’d curse you if I was a gypsy =b

      LOL nice snag.. took it right out of my cart.

  3. Haha Sorry man. Makes me happy i ordered it when i did i was on the fence for about 3 hours.

  4. I didn’t even think to look for BN Batman while I was there! 😐 I did nab Roller Harley, Mallet Harley and I am Groot Dancing Groot, and it was $60 shipped to the US. Considering Mallet Harley is pushing $50 on its own, I’m very pleased!

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