Funko Presents Marvel Collector Corps

Funko and Marvel have teamed up to bring you an awesome subscription box with the Marvel Collector Corps. Every two months you will receive a box of exclusive Marvel goodies including a t-shirt, a stylised Funko vinyl collectable and 2 other accessories. The box is said to be worth up to $50, which is not bad at all considering it is only $25 (plus shipping/tax.)

The first box will be shipping out in April and will include the 6-inch Hulkbuster Pop! figure, which you won’t be able to get anywhere else! It was also revealed that the June Collector Corps will include an exclusive Ant-Man item.

For die hard fans, there is also the option to sign up for the Founders Program membership. Basically you pay up front for a year’s supply of boxes and in return you receive an exclusive 8″ figure. You will then receive another 8″ figure every year on your anniversary date for as long as you stay subscribed.

Sadly, there is currently no international shipping option, however, Funko have stated they are trying to make this happen as quickly as possible,so don’t give up hope just yet if you don’t live in the US and want to get your hands on this.



10 thoughts on “Funko Presents Marvel Collector Corps

  1. The site was not working well, but after a few attempts I was able to get mine in. I opted for the collector package, because the ‘founders trophy’ looked kinda silly, and that is a lot of money up front

  2. I just signed up for the Collectors package as well. Figured I’d see what a mystery box is like. The 12month subscription was just too much upfront and as JMHolaway said.. the statue looked silly. If it turns out to be actually metal and not some cheap plastic I’ll be a little bummed i missed out. But not that much.

  3. ahh! plus you didn’t save anything by buying a whole year, literally the exact same amount will be charged.. At least add some monetary incentive for a big purchase like that

  4. Very true. I actually ordered the first month, cancelled it (so i don’t forget because you have to do it at least15 days prior to billing). I just want to see the quality of products in this mystery box.

    My order number was in the 3000’s. If this number is sequential which it is most likely to be, then the limited numbers is already quite large. If the included Pop is the big seller and the rest is just junk, I may just end up getting the Pops from Ebay sellers.

  5. My theory is that more people will do the first month, then maybe the second month and then cancel… making whatever funko is in box 3 an even more limited funko toy. The month by month isn’t a bad idea and i’ve done these box subs before, but with funko and marvel in control i think whatever comes out will be desirable and when people get frustrated and cancel the funko will become more collectable. This first box may have something cool, but it won’t be that limited due to sheer numbers of subscribers.

  6. Exactly my thinking on the limitedness of the Pops. That’s the reason why I cancelled. I love marvel but not all marvel. So I want to see the quality of items. If they’re good then great I’ll renew. But if they’re poor, I wouldn’t stick with them just for the exclusivity sake.

    In the end it will balance out. Buyers will leave the subscription. Value will increase so buyers will renew merely to flip the items. Which in turn will decrease the value again. In the end it will settle somewhere in between.

    If you’re strictly a Pp collector perhaps it will pay for itself as you could sell off the extra items. Who knows.

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