Enhancements made to the Pop Price Guide

I’ve made a couple of updates today that will hopefully make everyone’s life just a little bit easier while operating the Pop Price Guide. As you probably know, the category listings have nifty “Quick Add” and “Quick Delete” buttons, allowing you to scroll down the list and quickly add several items to your collection and/or want list in a very brief amount of time. These buttons, however, were not on the item search pages or franchise-specific pages…until now. These buttons, as well as the estimated value and additional details, have been added to these sections, hopefully making the usage of the guide even easier for you. As always, we welcome and comments, suggestions, or complaints!

Price Guide Buttons

6 thoughts on “Enhancements made to the Pop Price Guide

  1. I LOVE the changes! Omg they have made browsing, adding/deleting – Everything! sooo much easier.

    Thank you thank you =D

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