PPG Poll: Should Infinite Scrolling Come to Pop Price Guide?

This is one post you’re not going to want to simply “scroll” through. After the migration to a more modern software platform, we now have the ability to update existing features more easily, while also creating new ways for you to share in the complete collecting experience. The previous version of Pop Price Guide allowed […]

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Paul Scardino Adds Guinness World Record to his Pop Price Guide Showcase

Paul Scardino

Paul Scardino has always been a big fan of pop culture, with a superhero-sized affinity for all things Marvel Comics. After being introduced to Funko’s Pop! Civil War 4-pack featuring Hawkeye and Spider-Man in 2017, however, Scardino couldn’t have known just how far his own universe was about to expand. Today, Scardino is the official […]

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Two for Two! Second Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day a Success!


We did! That is to say our wonderful Data Team and volunteer Price Squad members did it, helping us reach our goal during the second Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day. Our intrepid staff was able to hit our mark of 10,000 prices assigned, exceeding last month’s total of 8,000 items. All […]

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Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day is Underway!

Price Day

On your marks. Get set. Price assign! We’ve embarked on our second Pop Price Guide / hobbyDB Price Listing Record Day with an eye on reducing our backlog of price listings. Our Data Team, working alongside our volunteer Price Squad are attempting to assign more than 10,000 prices today alone, surpassing our mark of 8,000 […]

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ToyZilla Teaming up with Pop Price Guide and hobbyDB Family

Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy was just five years old when he opened his first toy store, which was conveniently located in his bedroom alongside his trusty associate, his hippo puppet. These days, as the Creative Director and CEO of ToyZilla, Kolodny-Nagy’s biggest customers are no longer exclusively his parents. The Los Angeles-based ToyZilla is partnering with Pop […]

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Funko Reveals: New York Comic Con 2020 – Day Three

New York Comic Con

New York City might be regarded in some universes as Gotham City, but it’s the world of Marvel that kicks off Day Three of Funko’s New York Comic Con exclusive reveals. While the NYCC has been cancelled because of COVID-19 fears, Funko will play host to its virtual New York City Comic Con during the […]

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