How to Contribute to Price Guide Listings

Here is a step-by-step guide to assigning listings to the Price Guide. For starters, what I do is do a scrape of eBay and pull in sold items with various keywords. I do not pull in items that have no bids or ended without a buyer, because those listings do nothing to help gauge actual going rate. I will then assign them to each of you based on the criteria we have discussed (keywords, time allotment, etc). I generally do the scrape around 8:00am Central time (give or take) to pull in the previous day’s listings.

One important thing to go over is what qualifies an item for Price Guide inclusion. As a general rule, the listing should:

– Be complete with its box. The item should be in good condition (we all know Pops often have factory flaws, but we don’t want anything with major damage), and the box should be in acceptable condition, too. Exceptions can be made for exceptionally rare items – I leave that to your discretion. Of course, Mystery Minis do not need to have their box since they’ll all be opened.
– Not be part of a lot. We won’t track lots, because there’s no accurate way to distinguish how much to assign to each item in the lot.
– Be in stock. I prefer to not track items until they have officially hit store/convention shelves. No preorders, so it’s good to have a working knowledge of what’s hit stores and what hasn’t.

Conversely, the following should be Ignored:

– Autographed items
– Customized items
– Prototypes

All that said, I don’t except you to look at every auction that you are assigned in detail. You will be presented with a listing screen (which I’ll show you below) that contains pretty much everything you need. Generally, if the listing includes a picture of the listing in its box (or the stock Funko photo) I will assign it to an item without looking at the eBay item. If the description states that it has damage, is a preorder, or comes in a lot, I will Ignore the item (again, I’ll go into that below).

Here is how to log an unassigned auction listing to its respective item. This is all assuming that you are logged into the site.

When you go to the Price Guide (which there is a link to in the main menu), if you have any auctions to assign, you will be presented with a notification bar at the top of the index page.

Guide 1

You’ll start off with a page of 50 items assigned to you, along with what the database has determined to be a possible best match. Sometimes it’s right on, sometimes it’s close, so it includes the 10 best matches. Simply select the best match and keep scrolling.

Guide 2

If an item is ineligible to be included in the listings, such as a lot, a damaged item, etc, select “Ineligible – Ignore & Go to Next”.

If an item should go in the listings, but it doesn’t show up in the best matches and/or you don’t know where exactly it should go, select “Unknown – Move to Admin Queue”. This will go to a queue for me to look at and assign. If you’re not sure where something goes, this is the safe bet.

Sometimes, unfortunately, even the ten best matches don’t provide the item it needs to be assigned to. This is often because of the seller using incorrectly spelled words, but sometimes the database has trouble matching three-letter words. Regardless, if you know what the item is and it doesn’t appear on the list, simply select “Eligible But Not On List – Save For Later”. This will put it in your queue to address manually.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a submit button, which will take you to the next page. If you have no more pages, it will take you to the “Eligible but not on list” items. If you have none of those, it will simply take you to the Guide home page. The Eligible But Not On List items should be processed as follows.

Guide 3

Here you are given three options on the right side of the screen.

Select Category. We’ll cover this in a minute.
Ineligible – Ignore & Go To Next. Hitting this button will mark the auction as not valid for the Price Guide. Anything that would disqualify it from the Guide (being in a lot, major damage, the stuff we discussed before) would need to be Ignored. In this case, it doesn’t get added to any item in the Price Guide. After you hit the button, you will be taken to your next listing.
Unknown – Move to Admin Queue. The Skip function is to be used if it is a valid Price Guide entry, but you are unsure of where it goes, or if the item is currently not in the database. Most of you are assigned lines you are familiar with, but based on keywords you might get assigned one that you know nothing about. If you know which item it goes to, you’re of course welcome to assign it. If not, hitting the Skip button will put it in a queue for me to look at and assign. Again, hitting the button will take you to the next item.

Assuming you know exactly where the item goes, you will hit the Select Category drop-down. This will bring up a list of all Pop lines. After you select the line, you will be given a new drop-down box allowing you to select the item. After selecting the correct item, you will then hit the Submit & Go to Next button. This will assign the listing to the item in the database and take you to your next item.

Guide 4

Guide 5

That’s it! Once you have finished all of your listings for the day, you will be taken back to the Guide main page. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout via PM.