Hi PPGers,

We are so sorry that the site is still having some issues, and really appreciate all of the support we have received. Your loyalty and patience are immensely appreciated, so please hang with us as we continue to work as quickly as possible to get the site up and running again.

To recap, we are continuing to experience some major server issues here at PPG and are working on sorting out the problems. There are multiple factors that require approaching the problems from different points of view, so unfortunately the downtime has been significant. We are working on correcting the issues, and as soon as this message disappears, that means the site is up and running again, at which time we will make announcements on social media. If you continue to see this message, it means we are still diligently working on the problems. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Maybe when all this is done I'll hold a nice contest to reward everyone for putting up with the issues...