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    I’m going to start off with dating myself by saying my first collections were Mego & a and Star Wars. Later it was G.I Joe,Transformers, and Kenner Super Powers. Also I absolutely loved M.U.S.C.L.E figures. I’ve collected comics & cards on & off since I was 9. But unfortunately I lost all of my collectibles when I was 16 to a house fire. I got back into comics but Star Wars & Transformers by this point were out of my price range. I was into the toy biz marvel line for a while. I got into Funko about a year ago because some mystery minis I bought my nephew, he gave me his doubles and I was hooked. Just got into Pops in the last 6 months. Love the topic. Thanks for reading the ramblings of a nostalgic old collector.



    Great topic! Although Funko products make up the bulk of my collection, I also collect:

    1. Kidrobot Mini Figures:
    The Simpsons
    Adventure Time
    South Park

    2. Cartoon Network Maquettes:
    Star Wars: Clone Wars
    Samurai Jack
    Powerpuff Girls

    3. Pete Fowler’s Monsterism Figures
    4. Rocket World / Patrick Ma’s Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo IWG Mini Figures
    5. Palisades / Hot Topic Invader Zim Figures
    6. Mezco Toys’ Hellboy Figures based on the comic art of Mike Mignola (no movie or animated versions)
    7. Klei’s Don’t Starve Mini Figures
    8. Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 Figures:
    Star Wars (Original Trilogy, Prequel, and Force Awakens)
    The Avengers

    9. Selected artwork by Dave Perillo (mondo style)
    10. Selected artwork by Joey Spiotto (The Little Golden series)


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    i collect nascar diecast as well as funkos



    i collect nascar diecast as well as funkos

    My dad has probably about a couple dozen of the large diecast NASCAR cars. Most of them are cars from Dale Earnhardt Sr and Jr.



    Pops! have taken over my collecting life right now. The only other items that I am currently collecting are Furrybones figurines.

    I have recently started collecting vinyl LPs. I have found a few oldies for our collection, but mostly just getting what we like currently. We like to shop the Black Friday releases and go to sidewalk sales.



    thats cool. i have some dale sr and dale jr but i stick with bill and chase elliott mostly



    @sofa747 – He hasn’t bought any in quite a few years now. The main way he used to get them was by watching the QVC special when it was on and calling to order them. After they quit doing that special he pretty much stopped buy new ones because that use to be the easiest way to get them. He’s even got a special display cabinet for his cars.


    Princess unicorn

    I’ve only just started collecting pops after somebody bought me one, but I started collecting things as a kid starting with Disney shop/land soft toys and polly pockets. I was weirdly careful child and kept all the labels on the toys. Now I collect zelfs, Disney memorabilia of all kinds a lot dating back before I was born. The Disney tsum tsums range, harry potter memorabilia, books and a magnet from everywhere I visit. I’m also a little bit obsessed with Star Wars, sons of anarchy, walking dead, unicorns and dragons. I am currently after the labyrinth pops.


    Halloween Fan72

    I also collect
    1.Star Wars figures
    3.Horror collectibles
    4.Blu-rays and DVDs



    I’m a huge movie buff, so I collect DVD/Blu rays. I am also a reader and collect books. Games as well.

    Statues and Funko ontop of that.

    I used to collect BJD’s (ball jointed dolls) but they are just to expensive so I just have the one.

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