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    I couldn’t find a forum for it so I decided to make one to discuss the best and worst on dc legion of collectors and marvel collector corps. Post your opinions and your favorite items from them here



    To start off the discution what do you guys think of the plastic man pop? What do you think it should be worth


    Lord sidious

    It should be worth $8.99



    I personally loved it so 25.00



    I was thinking more mid 3os or lower 40s since it’s the only plastic man pop



    100 dollar bill yo



    The DC Legacy box was fantastic. The Plastic Man Pop was perfect.

    So far, the only box that totally sucked was the Suicide Squad box. Terrible choice for the Pop (Enchantress), shitty action figures and the shirt shouldn’t have been Pop style. It’s the only box that has disappointed me.

    Btw, the actress who played Enchantress was awful. I hppe we never see her in the movies again.



    I actually really liked the enchantrce pop but I do agree with the shirt and action figures



    Worst Legion of collectors box to be honest was the Batman’s Villains, that box was just a complete letdown. So many villains in batman’s lineage and they went with a catwoman pop, joker mug, joker hat…only redeeming part for me was the Bane patch.



    This one turned out much better than the Batman Villains box (such potential to be wasted). Here are my scores

    Pin: B – Pins are “add ons” in my opinion no not much value in the overall box. Did like the character choice, although not necessarily a “classic character”. Design is pretty standard.

    Patch: A – Again patches are “add ons” so not much value. Very happy with design, using the JLA design for a character that has yet to be represented in a LOC box.

    Comic: A – Reprinting a classic Aquaman comic with Black Manta and Aqualad in the story. Great choice. Good looking cover too.

    Shirt: A+ – I love ringers and got the one I wanted (Ace) so a great win on my part. Still even if I had gotten the Krypto would have been happy. Great choice for “legacy” as they were a product of the times and haven’t aged well with regard to the actual comics but are still beloved.

    Pop! Home: B- – I have never been a fan of Pop! Home stuff. I like the character choice (how can you have a legacy box and not do something Batman ’66). However I am not sure very many people actually use these products and they aren’t that attractive as a “collectible”. Score helped by the fact that it is a unique item that has never been in a box before.

    Pop!: A – I’m torn on this one as I am not a fan of Plastic Man. However, very unique and attractive pose, a character choice that would likely never get a wide retail release, and a real throw back to the early days of DC. So, for once, LOC lives up to it’s purpose of getting unique Pop! out to the serious collector. My son is a huge Plastic Man fan, however, so it made his day when I gave it to him so the choice gets an A even though I’m not a fan.

    So overall, I give the box an A-. A second Pop! or a Dorbz in place of the Pop! Home would have been a homerun. But certainly feel this one was worth the money.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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