Adding & Editing Price Guide Items

Here is a quick run-through on how to add/edit items in the Price Guide. We’ll start with adding an item. Go to the category in which the item will reside, and you’ll see an Add Item button in the top right corner. You don’t have to be in the category you want to add the item to, but the category will automatically populate with whatever category you’re in. Of course, this can be changed.


The item add screen has very few fields.

Item Name – The item name as it appears on the box, followed by any variant tags in parentheses (example: Captain America (Black & White)). In cases where a single character has many versions, you can stray from the name as it appears on the box (example: Batman (White Lantern).
Item Desc – This is seldom used, but any additional details can be put into this field.
Item # – The item number within the Pop series (as appears in the upper right corner of the box). This can be left blank for box sets.
Release Date – The year the item was released. If the item has not been released yet, leave blank.
Exclusive – The vendor or convention this item was exclusive to (Comic Con International, Fugitive Toys, etc). This will be blank for standard releases.
Edition Size – The edition size of exclusives if applicable.
Due Date – If an item has yet to be released, the three-character month and four-digit year of the expected release (example: Dec 2014).
Rarity – For Mystery Minis, the case ratio for the figure (1:12, 1:72, etc)
Vaulted/Retired – If the Pop is vaulted or retired, you can enter which one here.
Suppress link to item page in category listing – For this site, this will always be “No”
Category – The category this item will belong to.
Variant Type Filter – If an item is GITD, Metallic, etc, you can select from this list to allow users to filter down their results.

Once you’ve added an item, you’ll be taken to the Edit Item screen where you can add an image, crop the thumbnail, and add the franchise.


To add an image, simply use the Browse button to find the image on your device (please note, only JPGs are accepted), then hit Submit to upload. Once you do so, the image will upload with the naming convention of (item#_itemname), so you don’t need to rename files before uploading. You’ll now the full image as well as a compressed image for the thumbnail.


Thumbnails only display in a few places, but they include the Browse by Franchise area (for now – I will probably change this) and they will display in the Collection Tracker when completed. Thumbs display at 50 x 50. Hit the “Edit the Thumbnail” link to be taken to a screen where you can crop down the thumbnail. You’ll be given Resize and Crop options – use the Crop option. Once you’ve done that, select Square. You can then drag the guides to crop the image down to a headshot.


Once you’ve made your selection, hit the Apply button in the upper right, then once it’s applied hit the Save button in the same location. You do not need to resize to 50 x 50 – cropping them down that small takes away a lot of the quality. Once saved, hit the X in the upper right to return to the Edit Item screen. You might notice that the thumbnail hasn’t refreshed to your edited version. This happens occasionally, and a refresh of the page will show you the actual updated version.

The next section is for adding the Franchise. At the moment you’ll need to select franchises one-by-one (most only have one anyway), but eventually I’ll have something in place to make this a little easier. If the franchise isn’t currently on the list, you can add it using the Add Franchise link.


Finally, you can Edit and Delete items from the category view screens using the pencil (Edit) and red X (delete) icons. You will go to a confirmation screen when deleting an item. Please ensure that any auctions assigned to a deleted item are distributed to their proper item before doing the deletion..